Outstanding Mission Statements: Ninth In A Series

I understand this is not a mission statement, but it could be. The man who wrote it is full of such thoughts, so narrowing him down to one mission statement could be a lot to ask. Not that I have asked.
Hey Hugh, does this work for you as a Gapingvoid mission statement?

Gapingvoid is the perfect website to get your daily blogging fix. Filled to the brim with hilarious cartoons, it also offers timely and insightful commentary on the new realities of advertising and marketing. Indeed, some people would say it’s just not the blogosphere without gapingvoid to enhance their quality blogging experience. Start your day the switched on way- subscribe here to get gapingvoid on your RSS feeder today!
I wrote the preceding paragraph to illustrate the intellectual bankruptcy of what I call “Dinosaurspeak”. That rather sociopathic combination of being completely focused on customer benefit and yet completely selfish at the same time.
And yeah, if it doesn’t work on gapingvoid, it ain’t going to work on your product, either.
What is interesting to me is that this style of language was pretty universal only a few years ago. Sure, you had a few mavericks out there stirring things up, but most external business communication was pretty much stuck in firehose mode.

Thanks to Johnnie Moore for the reminder.

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