Open Question For Everyone

Has anyone gotten a phone call from a political pollster this year?
I’m just curious as to who gets called–and who answers the phone.

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  1. “likely voters” who own a landline.
    Meaning, ignoring the newly-registered and much of the young. I’m not paying any attention to polls, because i think obama has alot of supporters who are newly registered and only have a cellphone.

  2. Living in Ohio, we get many of these calls. Usually, they’re ID’d by caller id, and we don’t answer. when they do get through, we hang up.
    What a waste of time and money, and it does make you realize how skewed the results must be.

  3. Here’s a good instance, though not one I’ve gotten personally.
    Smells of Rove.

  4. Just guessing, but I would surmise that people who answer the phone tend to be those with more time on their hands and less human interaction in their day. Old people, bored housewives, and people out on disability mainly.

  5. In Chicago, I get tons of prerecorded messages from candidates. Even candidates’ wives and kin. It’s ridiculous.