Online Ad Buys Continue To Baloon Balloon

The Internet is poised to overtake outdoor as the fifth largest ad medium this year, and is quickly closing in on radio’s fourth place ad market ranking, reports ZenithOptimedia in the latest quarterly revision of its ongoing global ad tracking study.
The report suggests that Internet ad spending will break the double-digit market share in at least two countries – the U.K. (12.9 percent) and Sweden (10.5 percent) – marking the first time online ad spending has held such a significant ad market share in any major market in the world. Other markets projected to break the double-digit online ad share barrier by 2008 include: Australia, Israel, Japan, Norway, South Korea and Taiwan.
[via Media Post]

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  1. Carl LaFong says:

    The anal-retentive proofreader in me feels compelled to point out that it’s “balloon,” not “baloon.”

  2. I appreciate the help. You know I do.