Online Advertising Set To Boom, Says Online Advertising Site

It always depends on who you talk to, but despite the economic gloominess, some people are very optimistic when it comes to ad spending. You gotta love it when eCommerce Times quotes a firm called eMarketer about the state of online advertising. To them, everything’s coming up virtual roses:

Spending on online advertising is expected to jump 20.2 percent over last year’s spending, according to new figures from eMarketer. If this category of ad spend does indeed reach US$31.3 billion, as the company has projected, it will return to pre-recession growth levels and be accompanied by steady increases for the next four years.

Search remains the big recipient of ad spending, but banners still represent nearly a quarter of all spending, with online video the fastest-growing component of online advertising.

This will probably make Bob Hoffman’s head explode. But what about you? Are your clients asking for more banners or online video? And more importantly, do online ads get your attention or are you glossing over them?

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  1. FYI: e-Marketer’s not an online advertising site. It’s a research aggregator.

    • Dan Goldgeier says:

      Right. But eCommerce Times seems to be focused primarily on online advertising. In any case, it’s always interesting to see the sources of reporting, as well as those doing the reporting. They both stand to gain from the hype. (We all do from time to time.) 

      • e-Marketer reports other research firms’ numbers and makes money from renting its subscriber file. It doesn’t matter to e-Marketer whether the numbers are going up or down.

  2. There’s no reason to think that this trend won’t continue. Technology is advancing in such a way that consumers are using the internet more, and advertisers are better able to target them. With mobile usage on the rise and advances in mobile advertising, 20.2 percent even seems low.

  3. As for our clients, yes, they’re really asking for more online video ads. And this makes us very happy, of course 🙂 Anyway, the numbers you’re writing about are very promising, and it will be great if they come true. We’ll see soon.