Onion News Network Ups The Fakery

USA Today looks at The Onion’s foray into web video.

Having already blossomed as a newspaper, website and book publisher, The Onion — perhaps the most dominant provider of fake news anywhere — is bringing its brand of humor to the hot medium of the moment: Online video.
The dispatches on the Onion News Network, which goes live Tuesday, aren’t likely to be causing much missed sleep over at CNN and Fox News Channel, unless those outlets start covering fake news stories like Civil War re-enactors being dispatched to Iraq.
The Onion’s network will start out with two new video clips per week, supported by ads. An in-house staff of eight people will work on the videos, which have a professional look to them despite the buffoonery being discussed.

Dewar’s Scotch is supporting the launch effort, making “the joke” no joke.

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