One Sip And You’re Hooked

courtesy of Flickr user, Casey Serin
The New York Times spoke with Jamba Juice CEO, Paul E. Clayton (not pictured above), about his company’s brand experience.

Q. Is there a demand for $5 smoothies nationwide?
A. What there is a demand for is healthier options. Jamba offers a healthy, nutritious option. It is a source of energy, can be a snack in-between meals or can be a meal replacement. We don’t just see ourselves as a smoothie and juice company. We see our ourselves as a source of healthy energy.
Q. Starbucks has a popular line of smoothie-like drinks made with teas. Other companies have smoothies. How will you stand out?
A. Starbucks brings greater visibility and exposure to made-to-order blended beverages. We distinguish ourselves with freshly made, high-quality, healthy options that are made with all-natural fresh ingredients. If the customer wants that, they have to come to Jamba.

Jamba Juice has 600 stores and plans to open 90 more in 2007.

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  1. I’ve often wondered about how Jamba stays in business, especially here in NYC where rents are pretty astronomical.
    Because, as the interview you blogged notes, “just how much of a demand is there for $5 smoothies?”
    I mean coffee- people drink lots of coffee. But how many people, in mid-January, are thinking “Hmmm, I could sure go for a smoothie right about now.”
    But clearly they’re on to something.

  2. I have never not waited in a line at Jamba Juice, whether in rarely-hot SF or often freezing NYC.

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