One Highbrow Aggregator

Scott Karp has an interesting (as always) take on the Gray Lady’s move to aggregate content not their own. wasn’t the first traditional media brand to aggregate third-party content — and it certainly won’t be the last. But the New York Times, once considered the national newspaper of record, represented one of the last bastions of the traditional media approach to content, i.e. we produce it ALL ourselves.
But in a networked media world, where news consumers have access to EVERY piece of content produced by EVERY news outlet large and small (and with high quality news outlets proliferating on the web), media is undergoing a seismic shift — it’s no longer strictly about producing and distributing your OWN content.
Media is now about distributing the BEST content — and Times has embraced this new reality.

The paper has thus far limited this activity to its Tech section, but can the other sections be far behind?

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