“One Free Insole” Is One Hell Of A Sampling Effort

According to The New York Times, Dr. Scholl’s for Her is planning to insert mate-less insoles into 2.7 million magazines and give out another 300K via the brand’s Facebook page.
The thought is women who slip the insole into their sandals, slingbacks or shoes with straps cannot help comparing it to their left shoe as they walk. The company tested the promotion on a smaller scale a year ago, inserting the insoles in the June issue of Glamour for a specific subscriber list of about one million in all.
Research by Glamour one month after the ad first appeared showed that 11 percent of the subscribers had actually bought the insoles and 58 percent said they planned to buy a pair. In all, 57 percent reported peeling the insole off the page, with 37 percent actually testing it in a shoe. Those are conversion rates that most marketers only dream about.

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