One Day You’re A Creative Director, The Next You’re Not

Marc Colucci a director with Picture Park in Boston is the director of “Lemonade,” a new documentary about laid off ad peeps finding their way in the New World Order.
On Please Feed the Animals, Colucci says, “I wanted to be a part of this film so that I could help my laid-off friends and people like them to recover and deal with their newfound situations. And because of the candor of our subjects, this film will do just that — better than I ever dreamed it would.”
Writer: Erik Proulx
Director: Marc Colucci
Directors of Photography: Peter Nelson, Will van Hazel, Todd Heater, Neal Morrell, Mark Harmel
Production Company: Picture Park
Executive Producers: Jennifer McKenzie, Erik Proulx
Producers: Carrie Jacobson, Scott Burtnett
Post Production: Finish/Boston
Editor: Pete Warren
Sound Post Production: Soundtrack/Boston
Mixer: Brian Heidebrecht
Music: Caspian
[via The Denver Egotist]

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