On the Surface It Looks Like Outsourcing

I need to get my head around around this. Ricola and other marketers are poking around inside these tubes looking for people with brand building ideas to compete against one another for $1000 in prize money.
That’s correct, what we in the business charge many thousands of dollars for is now available on the Internet for almost free.
We’ve been Craigslisted!
Uh, no. Not that.
Genius Rocket, the service that connects consumer generating brand planners and creatives with willing brands in a spec work competition, is not threatening anyone’s lunch the way Craig’s free classified ads did.
Ricola and the others still go to their agency partners for ideas and program development. It’s the agency that’s saying, “look over here, at this meeting of like interests, let’s play in this sandbox for a while.”

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  1. But isn’t this the equivalent of hiring bloggers at $10 a post? Yes, the upper echelon and corporate hierarchy remain, but the creative labor suddenly becomes priced to the lowest bidder.
    BTW, been a lurker for a while, and I really enjoy the posts here. Thanks.

  2. I agree totally, but it gets worse. There are people on Craigslist looking for talent and work at insanely low prices. One would make more at minimum wage. It is ridiculous.
    Now I’m like unless you have the money up front, I am going to work on my own scheme, because I can trust myself. Yeah I may have to sell the $10 item, but I can sell it over and over again.
    There are people that still do spec, because it’s cheaper than ever to do, but it’s not my bag anymore, for sure.