On Tap @ Inverge 2008

Renny Gleeson, W+K’s Global Digital Strategies Director, kicks things off at 8:40 am tomorrow morning at the Armory in NW Portland as part of Inverge 2008.
This is his topic:

Interactive communications and digital technologies have birthed the greatest idea propagation framework in history. But when will our ability to freight it with emotion catch up? With each leap of technology, it takes time for our emotive power to catchup – for us to imbue the technology with our humanity. When will we do so interactively? Will we ever? And how do brands and advertisers, whose greatest connections often come through empathetic/emotional connections make sense of this landscape?

Consultant, Janet Lee Johnson, is looking forward to hearing from several other speakers, as am I.
I’ll be covering the two-day event here, on BFG’s blog, and on Twitter.

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