On Generating Cohesive, Predictive and Desirable Designs

Is your agency creating wonderful digital experiences for your clients’ customers and prospects?

If you will answer that question honestly, I imagine you replying, “well…sure, some of the time.” Allison Kent-Smith, director of digital development at Goodby Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco, thinks we can all do better, all of the time.

Writing in Fast Company, she advises agencies to PUT UX FIRST!

How many UX experts do you have at your agency, and how are they utilized? An agency must have user experience, interaction design, and information architecture front and center. UX experts are not easy to find, but heavy hitters in this area will transform ideas that are impossible to ideas that are reality. A good UX professional solves for both business and user needs. Don’t hire just one UX lead and expect an impact. Ask your established strategy or planning department to “major” in UX and watch what happens.

Speaking of majoring in UX, it’s something my friends at Portland-based SaaS company, ProtoShare, believe in and help enable.


Back to Kent-Smith’s question though…how many UX experts do you have at your agency, and how are they utilized?

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