Old Guys Get Up To Internet Speed

Deanna Zammit and Eleftheria Parpis of Adweek have put together a funny piece on aging creative leaders, and their various techniques for staying current in today’s digital milieu.

“I used to think you could noodle something out on a pad and have someone else execute it on a computer,” said Jeff Goodby, 54, co-chairman at Omnicom’s Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. “But now I believe you have to understand technology just to know what’s possible.”
“It’s one of the most inspiring times to be in advertising,” said Lee Garfinkel, chairman and chief creative officer of DDB NY. “In the past, we did things two dimensionally. Now we can use our brain in three dimensions.”

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  1. AND F the teachers who use it for their enterprises and not the danm student’s.
    OOOPS, sorry, I couldn’t contain myself, guess I let the headings of these posts spill over into each other.

  2. Not sure why you thought the piece was funny, David. It seemed a little depressing, making the leaders appear slightly addled. Don’t even know what Garfinkle meant by saying, “In the past, we did things two-dimensionally. Now we can use our brain in three dimensions.” Sounds like something Rod Serling might have said. Except Serling was working in the fifth dimension.

  3. High Jive,
    It struck me as slapstick. Maybe I shouldn’t laugh, but I couldn’t help myself.