Oh, Grow Up

from Manchester Online: Adverts featuring a giant blob of Marmite spread left children “terrified” and having nightmares, it emerged today.
The TV commercials centre around a large brown “amorphous” object described as reminiscent of the monster from the 1950s science fiction film The Blob.
Six viewers lodged complaints with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about the commercials.
They said the adverts had caused “distress” among their children, who were aged two and three, after being broadcast around programmes aimed at youngsters.
The advertising watchdog said: “All the viewers said that their children had been terrified by the advertisements; four said their children refused to watch television after seeing it and a further two said their children had nightmares as a result.”
Unilever Bestfoods, which makes Marmite, said it would change the scheduling of the adverts.
Thanks to Steve Hall for the pointer.

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