Nuclear Power Is Back, And Apparently It’s Quite Funky

Here’s a new corporate image campaign from some company called Areva. Which I’ve never heard of, but they are apparently one of the largest producers of nuclear power in the US. So I guess we should know about what they do, and who to blame if the meltdown comes.
Click here to see their new website that’s part of their campaign, and you can watch the relatively cool animated spot that uses “Funkytown” to explain, as some sort of modern-era grade school science film, just how nuclear power gets generated.
I’m always amazed to see companies with bland names like Areva come out of seemingly nowhere and blow wads of cash on image advertising.
And I can learn to like nuclear power. I’ll eat some 3-eyed fish if it means cheaper gas for my SUV.

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  1. anonymous says:

    I worked for Areva…crazy place