Now, He’s Delicately Placing The Gouda

Burger King, where taste is king, would like to entice you with highlights from its morning menu — Arabica coffee for 25 cents and a Gouda Bacon Sandwich.

The new product-focused spots from newly named lead agency on the account, Mother New York, are “borderline corny,” according to Adweek.

Charlie Hopper, a principal at Young & Laramore in Indianapolis, is a bit more critical. Writing on his blog, Selling Eating, he has this to say:

BK spots fail to engage. They’re like a big, sloppy, drunk that hugs you when you’re sober, and thinks they’re funny and lovable when in reality you can’t get away fast enough.

Of course, BK as a company fails to engage, at least with agency partners. They’re a classic speed dater, moving their pile of coins from one table to the next. Which is certainly their right, but great work takes trust and trust takes time.

Now, tell me more about coffee for a quarter.

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  1. Ronald McDonald says:

    Looks like the 25¢ coffee is being served in a shot glass. No amount of great work can save a brand like Burger King. Crispin proved that already. Fortunately, there are plenty of agencies willing to set aside their self-pride to bow before the big, sloppy drunk.