Ad Age: The iPod is the latest media outlet Kraft Foods is using to lure people to buy its products.
Late last month the package goods behemoth began offering consumers the chance to download 100 of its summer recipe “hits” into the little-used Notes area of Apple’s mobile digital music players. Promoted via its own recipe website,, as well as in weekly Food & Family e-mails to roughly 3.3 million consumers, the innovative approach is just one of many Kraft is eying to reach modern-day consumers.
“More and more consumers are out of home and away from their Internet connections and we need to determine how to get recipe ideas to them where they are,” said Ian Smith, director of global digital marketing at Kraft. Whether through iPods, cell phones, Blackberrys or PDAs, he said, “you’re going to see these new media get a lot more attention from us in the future.”
Using the Notes feature means the recipes are stored separately from audio files and take up less than one megabyte of space as to not interfere with music downloads. Mr. Smith said that while most people see iPods as a tune player, it can actually store anything.

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  1. So…
    let me see. Is this the best case scenario?
    I’m in Krogers and I don’t want to see or hear Kroger TV. I put on my media player. I pass through the dairy section to get some moo juice and I check my recipe list for what to do with those Kraft singles that are on sale in the Kraft dairy display. My data then matches me up with a recipe which calls for two or three Kraft products and the perfect recipe for dinner tonight.
    I see a movie deal coming up. At the same time a guy or gal is checking the same thing on his or her media player, we grap for the cheese at the same time, and a whole chain of events spills forth as we compare not our playlists, but our notes lists… in the first ever Kraft Movie?