Not So Fast There Skippy

Radar reports that new TV spots from Dewar’s can’t be missed.

If you live in Manhattan, and your Time Warner Cable DVR has been acting up lately, the culprit may be a spirit.
Not the spectral kind. We’re talking about Dewar’s, the “sophisticated whisky that’s honeyed and spicy, yet light and smoky,” as Bacardi, the Bermuda-based liquor behemoth that owns the Dewar’s brand, puts it.
According to several avid TV viewers, no fewer than four of whom work at Radar, the new ads for Dewar’s, which feature inane quotes—”Dewarisms”—from a fake dead guy named Tommy Dewar set to indie-rock tunes, have been rendered unskippable on Time Warner DVRs. When our correspondents have attempted to fast-forward through the spots while watching previously recorded episodes of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report, their DVRs mysteriously freeze up, forcing them to sit through them. Only the Dewar’s spots seem to make the DVRs uncooperative—they speed through all the other commercials just as they were designed to.

There’s no mention in the article about these spots also jamming TiVo machines.

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  1. Heh. Just posted this comment on AdRants as well. Haven’t seen the Dewar’s spot but have had problems skipping other things.
    My TWC DVR seems to have had a mysterious software update that makes fast forwarding (ONLY FF) “sensitive” to black and white solid frames. Whenever there is a slightly long gap between commericals or there are solid black/white frames with very little text my DVR freezes and I have to do normal playback through them.
    I’m sure this was done so that we don’t “accidentally” miss anything. Heh.

  2. Anyone notice this problem while watching football games? Especially with Mercedes Benz and Best Buy commercials?