Not Digging “Dig The Digs”

Bill Green wants to hit something.
This is why:

So another brand–Century 21 this time–is jumping on the consumer generated content promotion bandwagon. Is that really reason enough to hit something? Before you answer, consider that the contest is void in several states, one’s home has to be listed with Century 21 (duh!) and one’s listing agent must appear in the video. Are you ready to hit something now?
The reality is there are few leaders in business or any enterprise. Leading brands are already waist deep in social media. For all the rest, they’re just now waking up to the idea of a blog, a YouTube page or heaven forbid, a Twitter account. It’s going to be hard for those of us in the Communications 2.0 game to take these Johnny come lately brands and their various “ideas” seriously. Yet, it’s our job to do so.

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  1. Epic FAIL.