Non-Profits Can Host Their Sites For Free…In Perpetuity

Dreamhost is an innovator in its space. They have a robust referral program, where people can earn serious cash for recommending their services.
Now they want to hook up non-profit organizations with FREE web hosting.

In order to prove your non-profit status we need to receive one crucial piece of documentation. This is an official United States IRS letter indicating tax exempt non-profit status under the appropriate sections of the tax code. This is often called a 501(c)(3) determination letter.
Once the above information has been received we’ll configure your account appropriately and you’ll be happily hosting your non-profit selves, forever!

This is great PR for Dreamhost and I’m certain they’ll pick up some related (paid) hosting business from this move.

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  • Sarah Jones

    Ya that is a really smart move.. I LOVE dreamhost.. I noticed david you aren’t using the new method to increase your DreamHost Referrals