No Vendor

Gracenet founder, Sylvia Paull, knows how to say no to a client.
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I like to help make strategy, not be told what I’m supposed to do as part of someone else’s strategy, especially when people don’t know what they are doing and think they do.
I’ve had many startup guys come to me with some great technology they have developed or are developing and want me to do PR. “Who is going to use it? For what?” I ask. And if they can’t convince me to want to use it, how could I convince the media that this is a company worth writing about?

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  1. I like…
    I like…
    I know what I like.
    I like the song I heard on the radio.
    I like travelin’ backwards in the fog
    Cause it doesn’t remind me of anything.
    The “we all need some time away from technology/ use your weekend for aLife outside these boxes” oath:
    I refuse to be paxilated by pixels or pixelated by paxil.
    I will be nurtured by nature and natured by nurturing.
    Signed, Nancy