No Texting In The Popcorn Line

Text messaging is hot. But will texters willingly text a data collection firm in return for freebies? The New York Times reports that one such company is prepared to find out.

Starting in July, Nielsen Entertainment will begin using cellphone text messages to collect data on consumers’ opinions. The initiative will aim first at moviegoers, with cellphone text messages sent during trips to the movies.
Nielsen wants to use text messaging, because of the instant feedback it produces.
Cellphone numbers will be collected from visitors to, a ticket-purchase Web site. When moviegoers are buying tickets, they will be asked if they would like to take part; they are asked again in a follow-up message.
In exchange for their participation, users will receive points that can be redeemed for things like free movie tickets. It is a delicate strategy that Nielsen hopes will build a relationship with those willing to participate.
While movies are the first step for Nielsen, the technology can be adapted for use at sporting events, concerts and television shows.

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