No Money? Travel Anyway.

Don’t let the economy quash your vacation plans. That’s the message coming from several destinations, as consumers face inflationary prices at every turn.
Stuart Elliott of The New York Times points to Las Vegas, Panama City Beach, Orlando and other cities that are stepping off their brand messaging platforms in favor of price promotions.

“ ‘What happens here stays here’ is being given a rest,” said Rob Dondero, executive vice president at R&R Partners in Las Vegas, the agency for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, because “it doesn’t have a strong call to action.”
“We need to be a little more retail,” he added. “People want to know what is the best value for their getaway dollar.”

Destinations are not the only travel marketers seeking to woo worried consumers. Hertz is offering bargains like 50 percent off weekend rates. The Extended Stay Hotels chain is proclaiming, “Take shelter from the economy,” in suites with kitchens from $59.99 a night.

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