No Break From The Corporate Come On

In a disturbing, but typical move, corporate America is shoving its wares in the face of drunken college students on break from their northern campuses.
According to USA TODAY:

Companies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever and Paramount Pictures have stamped ads on hotel room staples, from pillow cases and shower curtains to room card keys and door-knob signs. They’ve wrapped hotel elevators with oversized ads and are handing out product samples poolside.
Marketers including these will spend about $75 million to market their wares to an estimated 1.5 million students during the annual spring rite.

Run students run.

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  1. College students?
    Dave, high school students go on spring break nowadays. The back forty don’t need to be plowed anymore. Watch out or the old gray mare may pack up for the coast, too.

  2. David (sorry about the name slip)
    and the minute that mare asks specifically for a brand over just some plain old oats in a field. I think we might really have reason to pause.