No-Effing Way: Man Jumps From Brooklyn Bridge Into Huge, Barge-Top Peanut Butter Cup

Brian Morrissey over at Adfreak does a nice job of pointing out just how popular this kind of viral video is today.

The no-effing-way YouTube genre is becoming old hat to marketers. It stretches back to Nike’s “Touch of Gold” and includes such gems as Marc Ecko’s “Still Free,” Nike’s Kobe Bryant jumps a car, Ray Ban’s sunglasses catcher, and most recently, NestlĂ©’s Shawn Johnson backflipping over a speeding bobsled. The approach can seem tired, but people love debating whether stuff like this is real and wondering how it was done.

Ah, the power of the editing suite…

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  1. The real question is how’d the get thru the shoot without punching that lady in the face?

  2. Jumping from bridge or jumping the shark?