Nickels And Dimes

From Reuters:

Struggling U.S. airlines, looking for new ways to generate revenue, are getting bolder about charging for pretty much anything that makes air travel a little more comfortable — including aisle seats.
First came charging passengers for in-flight meals. Then, reservations done by phone cost extra. And now, one major airline, Northwest Airlines Corp., is trying to charge passengers for the right to sit in aisle seats and emergency-exit rows.
Bankrupt Northwest this week unveiled a program called Coach Choice in which the carrier will save some preferred coach seating on the aisle or emergency-exit rows until check-in. Passengers can pay $15 per flight to sit in those seats, which may offer more room.

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  1. it would only make sense to also offer discounts for sitting in the emergency exit rows, near the toilets and/or wedged between two sweaty fatsos. just a thought.

  2. What a buch of crap. They are struggling, yet are doing everything they can to further piss off customers. Sounds like an air-tight strategy to me!