News From France: Utopian Socialism Takes On Capitalist Bigfoot

Business Week reports that Microsoft is battling for market share in many European cities, where government and business buyers are increasingly opting for the Linux operating system.
from the article: “There’s a cultural element, too. Europeans have an affinity for Linux because it was created by a Finn, Linus Torvalds. And the communitarian culture of the open-source movement strikes a chord with the political Left. “There’s an attraction to a business model that is closer to utopian socialism,” says Fran

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  1. Clyde Hogg says:

    People are using the Linux operating system because it is closer to “utopian socialism”? Wow. If that’s the case, it is a system that obviously doesn’t work in the real world. Ask Mr. Trotsky, if he can ever get that axe out of his head that Mr. Lenin put there. That was free too. And VERY socialist.