Netlix Netflix Subscribers Invited To Premier (In Their Own Living Rooms)

USA Today reports on NBC’s plan to reward loyalists and create buzz for its upcoming season.

As part of its efforts to promote its fall TV season, NBC will offer the first episodes of two new shows, before they air, to the 4.8 million subscribers to online rental service Netflix.
From Aug. 8 to Sept. 16, Netflix will offer subscribers a commercial-free DVD featuring the Sept. 17 season openers of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Kidnapped .
“We’re trying to create a viral community of evangelist fans for the shows so that they can create word of mouth,” says John Miller, chief marketing officer of NBC Universal’s TV group.
NBC is trying to build buzz by exploiting the trend of people watching TV shows on DVD. TV compilations are about 20% of Netflix rentals, up from 6% three years ago.

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  1. i want to sign up for netlix. sounds kind of kinky.