Narcissus Would Have Drowned In His Profile

Author and New York Times Magazine columnist, Rob Walker, is having a reaction to the glut of self-promotion unleashed daily in the social space.
After reading this piece in Fortune where the writer says, “I have literally been Facebooking and Twittering (some say frittering) all my content away!” Walker offers this meditation on the state of things:

Hmmm. The thing that stopped me here was the phrase “my content.”
Thinking, meeting people, moving through the world — this used to be your life.
Now, I guess, in the time of leveraging your personal brand via online social networking connections, it’s your “content.”

Nice catch. When properly prepared content is a wonderful thing, but there’s a lot of sloppy thinking out there.
BONUS MATERIAL: Look into this mirror of astonishing clarity called Tweeting Too Hard.

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  1. And Achilles would fit in.

  2. mermaid says:

    the lycra in my lifeguard swimsuit top finally deteriorated today. Thank Zeus, narcissus was looking at himself and not me.

  3. I first logged on to a Bbs service in 1993. How much that was like twitted is a comparative analysis for a master of philosophy on digital sociology. On 1999 or so, cannot remember exactly, when microsoft gave up it’s Internet bbs service I posted that, of course, it was not in their interest because there was no way to make momey at such. The thesis now would be how did the theory of making momey at twitter evolve from the bbs service and is it just as effective in communicating seeing the theory on threading is gone, but clumping is in its place.
    I guess you can solve that with physics : string theory versus chaos theory.

  4. where do the grownups play today? says:

    plus i just heard that threading has left the station.
    cosmic trains loaded.