Nando Goes Commando

Nando’s Chicken Restaurants in the U.K. found a breakthrough means to espress the chain’s addictive qualities. They cast a “working” mom as a poultry addict in need of a nicotine-like patch to assuage her hunger pangs. But the patch got in the way of her work duties, so she and her cute little family had to actually show up at Nando’s for a meal.
For this campaign to really hit home, there needs to be a point-of-sale display featuring this pole-dancing mom.
[via Truth Completely Told]

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  1. Her accent sound Australian, not British. Am I wrong?

  2. Indeed this is an ad from Australia, not the UK. It’s causing an uproar and lots of complaints to the Advertising Standards Bureau. But the Board has decided not to ban it, noting it’s M rating keeping the ad out of childrens broadcasting times.