Nancy Vonk Speaks On Canada Morning TV

Nancy Vonk appeared on a show today called Canada AM.
See the video and the related story here.

Vonk says she never expected French to step down.
“When I wrote that piece, I absolutely didn’t have an agenda to push him out of his job at all. Frankly, I’m glad I didn’t know as I wrote it, that when I post this thing, it’s going to cost him his job. That would have made it much harder to push Send.”
But she says she’s glad he was forced to resign.
“I think that his attitude is absolutely unacceptable and it obviously hurts women in the workplace,” she says. “So I can’t disagree that maybe he should have left that position.”

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  1. Well well well.
    A French maid uniform? Really?

  2. Canajan ad girl says:

    “Any woman in that room found it devastating, actually.”
    Now THAT is crap. I was in the room. I’m female. And I found the whole evening hilarious. I simply don’t understand what Nancy is going on about. The entire context of the evening was hyperboly, humour and entertainment. How anyone could have thought the French maid was meant to be taken seriously is beyond me.

  3. canajan chick,
    nancy did say “any” versus “every” — she must have been playing it like bill clinton.
    no one thought the french maid should be taken seriously. but she does symbolize male insensitivity. why not a french butler, wearing a jockstrap? nancy and janet would have liked that, i think.

  4. sorry, but it had to be said says:

    Is it just me, or did anyone else out there have a feeling she wouldn’t be remotely close to hot?

  5. sorry's twin sister says:

    right, and neil french is the fabio of advertising.

  6. Nancy Vonk: Neil French

  7. Kristi Miller says:

    As a single mother of three daughters who works full time, and Nancy Vonk being my fathers sister(my aunt), I say WAY TO GO AUNT NANCY for speaking up!!!!! Sheesh, does this guy NOT have a grip on reality or what? How sexist can one get?!? Is he stuck in the middle ages? The 1950’s? I dont care how smart this guy may be, or what he has done for advertising. Obviously to make a comment like he did , even in private would be appauling, if thats his own personal opinion!!!!! Go tell him to go suckle a nice warm cow pie….