Name This Company

Name This Company is a site where you can enter your naming ideas for a company that aspires to be “an inspiration and education company that exists to accelerate the professional success and personal fulfillment of solopreneurs.”
Now, you know why they need help naming their company.
They’re giving $300 in credit to the winner and an autographed copy of Seth Godin’s new Liars book to the runner up.

About David Burn

Native Nebraskan in the Pacific Northwest. Chief Storyteller at Bonehook, a guide service and bait shop for brands. Co-founder and editor of AdPulp. Contributor to The Content Strategist. Doer of the things written about herein.

  • michael pollock

    ouch. that hurt david. it’s sure to disrupt my sleeping pattern.
    actually, the winner gets an autographed copy of seth’s big rubber nose.
    thanks for the mention.

  • David Burn

    Sorry, dude. Maybe I’ll try to name your company to make up for my raucous behavoir.