My Resume Is Tobacco Stained

When I was working on the Camel account I would have refrained from posting this new anti-tobacco spot from Arnold. Thankfully, I have no such reservations today.

[via Adfreak]

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  1. It’s so easy to tell which Truth ads come from Arnold versus CP+B. The Arnold ones are not very good.

  2. Cripsin’s work is great. But I love the guy’s face in the spot above as he tries to absorb “Nick Naylor’s” messaging.

  3. Marlboro Man says:

    Oh come on Crispin’s Truth work is horse $hit. Singing and dancing cartoons? Lame.

  4. But Arnold’s work is tired and cliched. It’s your typical anti-smoking work. Give CP+B credit for creating work that speaks to the audience better than Arnold’s dreck.