Multimedia Storytelling And Adventure Travel In Pacifico’s DNA

Stuart Elliott brings us the story of a small beer brand using the interwebs to further its cause.

A Mexican import, Pacifico, is filling its Web site with 30 brand-centric video clips that celebrate a life centered on sun, sand, surf, street food and a willingness to eat extremely hot peppers or play checkers with bottle caps.
The videos, and the Web site, were created by Creature, an agency in Seattle that also produces ads for Pacifico in traditional media like magazines and billboards and oversees promotions like the refitting of 1960s Volkswagen buses to serve as touring Pacifico peddlers.
The videos, which run from 15 seconds to 3 minutes, were filmed in Mexico with Super 8 movie cameras to give the footage less of a slick, polished look

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  1. Nice site. Then again, I am a sucker for polaroids and super 8.

  2. Very nce, but isn’t this about 2 years old? And didn’t 10 Cane rum do the same thing with super 8 film?
    This is a good starting point. I think they captured the look and feel of the brand perfectly though. I would just like to see it move beyond just films, etc online. Give something that the target wants and can use. Come from the consumer’s POV and needs and not the brand or agency’s. Otherwise, why log on to a beer website? Seriously, when was the last time you hung out on a beer website?

  3. Bobby,
    Great points. The site appears to have no social media quotient–a problem for most brands today.

  4. List of things that have jumped the shark:
    -the term “interwebs”
    -the phrase “jumped the shark”

  5. They slap some ads they shot on the internet, and get an article in the New York Times?
    The only story here is WHO IS CREATURE’S PR AGENCY???????