Mr. Magill No Likeee

Ken Magill writing in Direct joins the chorus of blog naysayers from MSM.

(blogs are) The media phenomenon responsible for the publication of more self-indulgent nonsense than any other in the history of the world.
Outside politics, 99.9% of blog entries are, well, horseblit with links to more horseblit.

His word “horseblit” is meant to be a blog-friendly way of saying horseshit. Funny guy.
So, who is this Mr. Magill? According to Direct, Magill edited iMarketing News, a newspaper devoted to online marketing, from its inception in 1999 until 2002. It was rolled into DM News in the wake of the dot-com crash. After that he served as an editor and columnist at DM News, leaving in 2003 to become business editor of The New York Sun.
Let’s recap. A guy who once wrote a newsletter devoted to online marketing thinks blogs are horseshit. Brilliant.

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