Move Over Howard Draft and Julie Roehm, There’s A New Scandal In Town

When it invloves a beautiful woman, business ethics isn’t an oxymoron. Rather it’s time for the mainstream press to go all Gawker on us.
Here’s how the Globe and Mail describes the situation:

She is the face that launched a thousand stocks, a television fixture whose movie-star looks and expanding influence have earned her the nickname “Money Honey” on Wall Street, along with a place in FHM Magazine’s list of the 100 sexiest women on the planet.
This week, respected CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo found herself making news, rather than covering it, after she was linked to a high-level ouster at the world’s largest financial service company.

Word is Todd Thomson, formerly of Citigroup, spent $5-million of the company’s money to sponsor a new show Ms. Bartiromo was set to host on Sundance Channel. The man, known by his peers as “Todd Mahal” for his lavish work space overlooking Central Park, also is said to have bumped colleagues from the Citigroup jet to make room for Bartiromo.
According to Associated Press, CNBC said Bartiromo, 39, has done nothing improper.
“Her travel has been company-related and approved, and involved legitimate business assignments,” CNBC spokesman Kevin Goldman said. “Permission was sought, permission was granted, and reimbursement procedures were arranged for her travel on corporate jets.”

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  1. Julie,Julie,Julie; “Julie Roehm”
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