Mos Def Pimpin’ Big SUVs

According to a GM press release, Emmy and Golden Globe award nominated actor and musician Mos Def, is appearing in a new African American targeted television advertisement introducing the new Envoy Denali SUV. The ad was created by Oakland, California based Carol H. Williams Advertising, which specializes in the African American market.
Not everyone is pumped about this development.

B-Lo Tim on Rap News says, “In one sixty second spot for the GM Denali, Mos Def crossed the thin line from the entrepreneurial spirit of Hip-hop to total sellout and worst of all hypocrite. Let me explain why this really left a terrible taste in my mouth by an artist who in my eyes has lost his integrity. It has to do with my favorite song off his album Black on Both Sides, “New World Water”. In this song Mos rails against large corporations for their exploitation of the earth and warns of the upcoming crisis that will soon be upon us when the earth

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  1. Oh man, the second I saw the headline to this post, I thought of “New World Water.” What a whore.