More Waxing Nostalgic For “1984”

Over at BusinessWeek, there’s a podcast where Steve Hayden, who wrote the Apple “1984” spot, talks about all the challenges and controversy surrounding the spot’s creation.
Honestly, I haven’t listed to this podcast, so I don’t know if Hayden mentioned that when it was first introduced, the Macintosh was an insanely overpriced, underpowered box of silicon that really couldn’t do much of anything, and was really underwhelming to most of the world who were playing with their Apple IIs or IBM PCs.
But it was a cool TV commercial that no one seems to be able to get over.

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  1. Indiana Gividen says:

    I think Apple is a good example of a company that advertises an image and emotion as opposed to information. Their products are inferior and overpriced. They owe their success entirely to their image driven advertising campaign.

  2. I still don’t understand why people do not view this and “anal yse” this together with the G5 opening announcement commercial, I think I saw it summer 2003 (?).
    You have to see both, at least I do, to get the rest of the story.