More Porn Creep

Crispin Porter + Bogusky is so clever. And hip. And irreverent. Wow, I wish I was one tenth as clever, hip and irreverent as their most lowly intern. If I was, I would have racked up a tractor trailer full of industry awards by now.
Oh, here’s how the Coconut Grovies promote an award show:

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  1. Carl LaFong says:

    As has been duly noted on Adland, Crispin has already done the whole faux porn thing to death (XXX Mini outdoor, Virgin Atlantic Spectravision spoof). As one poster observed, recycling an already tired gimmick is all the more ironic given that it’s promoting an award show honoring “original” thinking.
    In fact, didn’t another shop already do a pseudo-porn movie for an award show a few years ago? I think it was out in the Northwest and caused quite a bit of controversy.

  2. To Carl’s last question—yes, it was called “Reach and Frequency” by a long gone agency called Elvis & Bonaparte.
    Absolutely hysterical, and I went looking for it on the net a while back and couldn’t find it.