More Branding By The Book

New York Daily News: First-time author Alison Pace managed to get Theory to bankroll a series of book parties for her book If Andy Warhol Had a Girlfriend after sending the upscale clothing line a copy of the first chapter, “A Girlfriend in Theory Only.” The chapter was an homage to her favorite pair of pants.
“She told me about the book, and told me about how she shared our obsession with the amazing fit of the pants, and asked if she could send over a sample chapter,” says Melissa Gellman, Theory’s publicity director. The book’s protagonist, she says, is “very much the Theory customer.”
While first-time writers are typically paying for their own publicity agent and footing the bill to fly out to readings across the country, Theory was throwing parties for Pace in their stores – paying for her transportation costs, the invitations, liquor and snacks.

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