More Better Faster

John Winsor, CEO of Victor & Spoils , the crowdsourcing agency in Boulder, has been on the road for the last month talking to a dozen CMOs of Fortune 500 companies.

He says, “there’s a lot of frustration out there” and that the biggest frustration of all is “the cost of creating advertising, both in terms of time and money.”

More better faster. That’s the mantra of the day.

More better faster.

Of course, more better faster doesn’t dance with bloated agency bureaucracy. If the people paying the bills want more better faster, the people making the work must streamline and find a way to profit from their new slimmer selves.

“We believe in fixed cost pricing,” says Winsor. “We make money when we deliver great work faster, using fewer resources. That’s what clients want.”

You heard the man. More better faster.

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  1. Victim & Spoiled says:

    Can anyone show some “more better” work produced by Victor & Spoils? Cue crickets chirping.

  2. Mo betta. Mo fasta.