Monsterous Viral Unleashed In Golden

Monster Outreach is a new viral from Coors Light. The brewer purports to want to help monsters, since they are only in demand one day of the year–October 31st. This clever ruse to support the Halloween selling period is good to see from a marketer who really hasn’t embraced the web up to now. Only one small problem. Capitol One is already doing this idea in a big way on TV, with their efforts to help the rampaging Vikings from previous commercials who now can’t find work because everyone has Capitol One.

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  1. Oh, we’ve embraced.

  2. This idea is hardly original. It’s been done countless times. Sounds to me like Coors is doing it in a more interesting way than Capital One, however. At least they are dealing with characters (monsters) that were not created soley for the purpose of an ad campaign.