Monster From Under The Sea

Guess how much this bottled water is going for in Japan. No, higher. No, higher.
Close, but no. It’s going for $5.50 a bottle.

Japanese consumers are buying into the idea that deep ocean water “contains more nutrients and fewer pollutants than surface water” and are willing to pay $5.50 for a 1.5-liter bottle of it.

[via Reveries]

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  1. Cool stuff. Here’s a water that’s even more pure – and expensive – from Tasmania. Will be introduced to the US soon:

  2. Am I missing something here? People are actually drinking sea water?

  3. Forgive me, Bob. It’s desalinated sea water.

  4. I figured it must be, but you never know what’ll tweak people’s fancy. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re treated to de-urinated celebrity piss in the near future (NASA, among others, already has the technology by the way). Bottled Brittany. Sparkling Sarah Jessica. Lemony Leo. Lord, I shouldn’t be giving this idea away for free.