Monopoly Cashes Out

Visa, in a move that some may find disturbing, has a product placement deal with Hasbro. The classic board game, Monopoly, will no longer use paper money. The currency of old is being replaced by faux Visa cards and readers/calculators.
While this story seems like a perfect Onion piece, I found it on Engaget. Therefore, it is most likely true.

A deal was struck with Visa to design the mock cards and readers, presumably after surveys showed that 70% of adults used cash less often now than they did a decade ago. When asked about the dramatic change, Parker said replacing cash with plastic “showed the game was moving with the times.”

Sometimes the times don’t warrant keeping up with.

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  1. and…
    when the monopoly man runs away with the pringles guy,we’ll have no reason to cry over crushed crackers.