Money Grows On Hugged Trees

Rafat Ali at paidContent is reporting that Treehugger has been bought by a larger media company for $15 million.
The new site will become part of Discovery’s PlanetGreen network, which includes the eco-lifestyle TV network launching next year. Last year, Discovery-owned Animal Planet bought two online pet sites: and PetsIncredible.
Treehugger, based in Brooklyn, NY, was formed in 2004, and offers a mix of text and video news, blogs and advice. The deal also include’s Treehugger’s user-generated site, The company says it has about 1.4 million unique monthly visitors.
To summarize, a three year-old media brand (in a popular niche), built with simple tools and a savvy staff can make serious money in verry little time.

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  • G.B. Veerman

    To which I would add only this: goes to show building a strong brand with an environmentally conscious product/service can make serious money in very little time….
    After all, how much of that $15 million is bound up in that property’s brand value, all by itself? Most of it, I would say.

  • Brandi

    That’s good news for Treehugger. I’ve been on their daily email list for a long time now; I hope this transition doesn’t effect their content too much. There is a huge market right now in Green companies. I imagine is not too far behind.

  • nancy

    If sex sells green, then why do so many men, even ones below 40, have to buy ungreen, unhomeopathic cures for erectile disfunction? And so many women are turned off to men and on to dildos?
    Stick with some true nature of being green, that being respect prevails. You just don’t fool mother nature, nor father sky, brother star or sister moon. There is more than the blatant constant orgy like badgering. Natural communing is delicate in its subtlety.
    no disclaimer, only claims: if anyone tells me to get a carrot, let them know how strong my frog kick is.