Monetizing MySearchSpace

Digital advertising at its best promises to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. MySpace, for one, is working to fulfill this promise.
Last October, MySpace launched a self-service advertising product called MyAds that allows small businesses to buy ads on its site.
Today there are rumors that MySpace will strike a deal with IAC/InterActiveCorp’s CitySearch to collaborate on local online business advertising, among other initiatives. CitySearch encourages small businesses to set up profile pages. Companies often use the online service to promote their services.
Online spending by local U.S. advertisers, grew by 45% in 2008 to $12.7 billion. While those numbers will not hold in 2009, there’s still an amazing opportunity present for those who can find a way to bring value to local advertisers.
[via The Wall Street Journal]

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