Mobile Really Is Your Space

Edelman DERT, the new blog from Edelman’s Digital Entertainment, Rights and Technology Team speculates that social networking sites have an immense opportunity in the mobile realm.

The nature of social networking is in many ways ‘information snacking’ or dropping in to the site for a few seconds to see what friends are up to. Nielsen/Netratings confirm that the average MySpace or Bebo user spends less than 30 seconds on each page when visiting the sites. In that sense, social networking is ideally suited to mobile phones because consumers can check in while waiting for a bus, for example.
Mobile telcos continue to search for the elusive ‘killer app’ for 3G, maybe they’ve found it with social networking sites – an established user-base, hungry for access while on the move, could reap dividends for struggling operators.
If the success of Twitter is anything to go by, Social Mobiling will be far more than a faddish phase…

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  1. theo kie says:

    I’m on a bit of an anti-cell phone rant today. So let me see if I have this correct. The suggestion is people will pop onto social networking sites via cell phone? The size of that phone screen is going to make this a viable, easily navigatable, user-friendly thing to do? Not from what I’ve seen.
    We’re well down the path to becoming a species who never look up from what’s in front of us in order to see the bigger world that’s approaching. That’s a bigger shame in the making than people realize.

  2. I agree. This new posture where we genuflect over mobile devices is truly disheartening.