MLB Strong Arms Subscribers Of MLB.TV

Major League Baseball launched MLB.TV last year as the first major sport to make a push into live webcasts of their games last season for the low price of 14.95/month for access to over 300 games.
The quality was adequate over a broadband connection unless one was trying to watch the Yankees broadcasts, in which case it was usually obvious there were server load issues. As a Yankees fan, that was my primary purchase factor and I was a bit disappointed with the frequent quality issues on those games. I stuck with it through the season expecting my recurring billing to end with the end of the season. My only other complaint was their automatic ‘subscription abuse’ policies: if I was watching a day game at the office, I would frequently be locked out when I was attempting to watch a game later that day at home. Resulting in a 24 hour lock on my account.
Then the extra billings happened for ‘off-season content,’ albeit at a reduce 9.95/month rate. My first attempt at cancellation was met with 45 minutes of hold time, a promise (and confirmation number) of a credit, and assurance my account was indeed cancelled.
30 days later. Same story but with a combined hold time of 1 hour – 35 minutes before a human picked up and another 25 minutes while he processed the cancellation. Twenty minutes after my call ended I received an email from the customer service rep letting me know that in order for my credit to be process ed, I needed to fax my credit card statement for verification because they don’t maintain customer billing records. What? I have to do the legwork to get my $20 refunded? $20 is $20, but I’m not going to fax a copy of my credit card statement – even heavily protected with black magic marker – for something that should be as easy as pressing a button on their end.
Fast Forward to Today’s Inbox (emphasis mine)

Dear MLB.TV Subscriber:
LIVE baseball is back for the 2006 regular season on MLB.TV, and this year’s subscribers will experience baseball as it’s never been experienced before. For starters, watch all 2,430 games online, LIVE or on-demand, at the same low rate as last season — just $14.95 a month.
There is no action required to continue your subscription. The credit card you have on file with us will be automatically billed beginning in mid-March. If you have any questions about your subscription, please e-mail Customer Service at

Tactics like these drive me nuts and I have to question who in their right mind puts together marketing plans of this nature.
Anyone want to post odds on whether or not I get charged in March?

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  1. Indiana Gividen says:

    Three words.
    Get your money back, plus some. 😉

  2. Anna Marie Adach says:

    How do I get out of this renewal?

  3. I called:
    MLB Customer Service

  4. wayne worcester says:

    i want to cancel i can not get it in nicaragua

  5. Robert H. Raddatz says:

    Cancel Mt Subscription to MLB.COM


    cancel my subscription

  7. Thomas Tucker says:

    I cannot get any audio and can not get any phone call through. Can you give me some feedback. I am trying to listen to the Phillies 3:05 game and I have nothing. Thomas Tucker

  8. Worked running Linux through spring training, but no longer works now. Think it requires Flash Player 8.

  9. Marie Reynolds says:

    Hey Shawn and my fellow disgrunted subscribers. Just wanted to share my experience. It used to be one could control their credit card information when they logged in, but no more. requires that you call their toll free number to do so. This is no easy task. On 3/31, I received the same e-mail as Shawn did. On 4/2, I noticed I had been charged $14.95. I IMMEDIATELY called to have this refunded as I have not used this since September 2005. I had to swallow $9.95 for the off season – that I did NOT even use. I thought this was my punishment for being so stupid as to use in the first place. But now I get charged AGAIN!
    Fast forward to 4/2. I spend 25 MINUTES on hold then the jerk tells me the computers are down, but that I will be the FIRST person he calls when they are back up – yeah, right! So now it is 4/4 and no call. I call them but it is past 3:00 PT – the billing office is closed. I call back and choose another option and say that I need to talk to a supervisor now. Jerk #2 says he can help me. I spend 28 minutes waiting for him to try to locate me before he gets his supervisor. Supervisor says they need the card number that was charged because they cannot locate me. Hm, funny how they can find my e-mail to send me the above message and they can find my credit card to bill me, but they can’t find my account information? Jerk #2 finally finds my information and assures me it will be cancelled and the $14.95 refunded in 7 to 10 days. I do not receive a confirmation number, but am told I can reference his name.
    Moral of the story . . . is just not worth the hassle . . . period! I am not very fond of Directv’s Extra Innings either, but at least with Directv I know I can have it cancelled when I ask for it. has a very shady business going on, and they have so many excuses, computers down, not calling within the calling time (I loved that during the offseason when their message said they were open on Saturdays, but when you called during the so-called CORRECT time, you were told you were not.)
    Good luck to the rest of you. I hope you have a better experience than mine.
    Oh, and Shawn, I am a Yankees fan too – living in Los Angeles, and the only reason I subscribed to was to watch the games because I had trouble with Directv’s blackouts last year. They seemed to change the schedule at the last minute and I was not home as much. Now that I am, I am able to keep up with the blackouts and hope to have a better experience than last year.

  10. Bon-Jin says:

    I have a bad experience on
    I bought and used “MLB Watch On Demand” from ESPN in 2005.
    But this year I don’t want to buy it.
    But I received a message from Visa about approval of buying it or something like from MLB website.
    It was from “MLB.TV Season Subscription with automatic renewal” without my agreement and any email from there.
    I didn’t check out and never agree it at there.
    I don’t like this way and am very disappointed.
    I sent several emails at the below website.
    But there was no reponse until now.

  11. frankie says:

    i can’t freakin cancel my subscirption! i’ve been tryng for the past 8 months. someone help!

  12. Just wanted to share my story. While searching the web to find the cancellation number, I found quite a few negative posts including this one. I called to cancel today (4/6/06), spent 30 minutes on hold, was put through to a very nice representative, told her I needed to cancel, she processed cancellation, I received email confirmation AND she told me I should see a credit soon on my credit card. This caught me off guard because I did not ask for this and assumed I would eat the $14.95 charge. Was told I have up to 10 days to cancel at no charge. Still have to wait and see if I get billed later for service.

  13. Same thing happened to me. A year later and I’m dinged for $80 out of the blue. I have tried for 2 days to get a human on the phone and haven’t been able to (combined 3 hours of waiting). I get a busy signal for half the day.
    To make a long story short, just call your CC company and file a chargeback. It’ll save you hours and hours of waiting and some peace of mind.

  14. hi,i don`t know if someone can help me.I live in canada,i wrote to mlb at this adress but they don`t seem to answer to my e-mail.The problem that i try to explain to them is that when i try to log to live game i get a message asking me my adress and my credit card number and when i submit the information i get this message…
    We were unable to successfully validate your address information. The Credit Card you entered was accepted, but it doesn’t support address verification, please use a different Credit Card for validation….The problem is that i only have one credit card and that`s the one i used to get the season of mlb live game.Somebody else had this problem?.And do you know if they actually answer to our e-mail?I am trying to reach them for three day now and they didn`t reply to my e-mail yet.

  15. Yeah, I cannot cancel either. Really frustrating. Call their non-800 number, 212-485-3444, and complain. It is really ridiculous, they are trying to pull a fast one and not let you cancel. They don’t respond to e-mails and nobody picks up at the 866 number.

  16. My story is the same except that I wanted to continue with the subscription. The automatic renewal occurred as expected. However, when I went to access a game the purchase screen popped up instead — I haven’t been able to get a game yet. Of course, I called the toll free number. Out of dozens of calls at all times of the day I got passed the busy signal three times. I put my phone on speaker and waited an hour each time then hung up. I emailed three times and they refuse to write back. The lack of respect for their customers is simply absurd. I’ve written emails to every link they have just to see what would happen — have not received a reply from any. Has anyone been able to find a CEO email or some type of ‘higher up.’ I want to tortue them with inane emails. May luck be with you all while on hold.

  17. My story is similar to those appearing in this discussion, but maybe it can add a different perspective. I am a fan from Italy (and Italian myself). Me and my CC are therefore far from any possible blackout area. I have been a subscriber to MLB radio these years, and it worked very well. This season I have decided to subscribe to MLB.TV. They efficiently accepted the money ($80), but when I first tried to access the WBC tournament, the hideous ‘address verification’ lock appeared. Same happened from Opening Day. Now I can only watch archived games, and it is not what I paid for. I have sent some e-mails to ask for a solution and to cancel my subscription if none was available. They never replied. Now I hear that the subscription is renewed automatically and it seems impossible to cancel. Great news! It seems absurd to me that while trying to expand the game worldwide with the WBC, MLB can cheat the fans worldwide like this and nothing can be done for what is clearly a lack of paid service. Somebody suggested a Class Action Lawsuit. I would join. I don’t like to be cheated.

  18. Michael says:

    My story is equally if not more frustrating (besides the fact that I have to stay up until 4am to watch a complete game). I just got charged $80 (actually about $83 since the bank gave me a crappy exchange rate) and I can’t even watch the games. I can’t access any of the videos or even login to the site (get a “page cannot be displayed” error). I’m using the same computer that I watched all the games on last year. Somethings not right and help hasn’t yet deemed to respond.

  19. Don Grant says:

    I can beat that. After trying unsuccessfully to cancel my subscription, I eventually had to cancel my credit card.
    Now I’m getting nasty collection notices from them.

  20. Melchior says:

    Same story here…could not cancel, could never get ahold of anyone. No response to any emails.
    I filed a chargeback with my credit card company and hopefully that will take care of it.

  21. DON PERCENT says:


  22. Same thing here. Tried a chargeback and they told me I had to cancel directly through the merchant. Been getting a busy signal for 2 weeks. The one time I did get through I was put on hold for over an hour and then the phone went out on their end. is a scam and Major League Baseball should be ashamed of themselves for turning into a fraudulent business. This is the kind of stuff you expect from shadey companies, not major conglomerates like MLB.

  23. I have been paying for this month’s service, not a bad thing right, except I can’t get into any of the games. My account says I need to pick a subscription and then pay again. I have tried calling customer service every day for 2 weeks and haven’t even gotten the phone to ring. I have also emailed every day and not gotten a response.
    Where do I sign up for some sort of class action against these guys? At least I know I’m not the only one getting screwed by them.

  24. P.R. Adams says:

    Dear MLB.TV Victims:
    I am writing this to inform you all that I am filing a personal complaint to the Federal Trade Commission against MLB Advanced Media, L.P., for unfair billing practice. This action may eventually lead to a class action lawsuit.
    If you are interested in striking back against MLB Advanced Media, L.P., you can simply file your own complaint at . It’s very simple to do and will get this rogue company all the negative attention it can handle.
    This type of billing practice is prohibited by federal law without consent and they must respond with refunds in a timely manner. They are not responsive, because they have to act when they talk to you. By not answering their phones and dealing with complaints, they can dodge customer requests for refunds and draw interest on YOUR money still residing in their accounts.
    They are in violation of the federal law by doing this.
    AOL has been known to use this very same action when customers are trying to stop their service as well. AOL has been litigated against and has lost (settled) in the past.
    MLB Advanced Media, L.P. is next.
    Thanks for your time.
    P.R. Adams
    Or simply visit .

  25. I bought a season long subscription last year and promptly got blacklisted from most games due to the fact that I could not provide a land line phone number for them to verify my location with. As if that would work with internet phone being what it is. They would not give me a refund on any portion of my subscription. Furthermore I called and canceled my subscription over a month ago. Guess what I got my credit card statement today and there is a charge from MLB.COM for this year’s subscription even though I called and canceled my subscription!

  26. P.R. Adams says:

    In an ammendment to my post above, I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as the Federal Trade Commission.
    BOTH of these agencies have EASY, online complaint forms to fill out.
    I am contemplating Class-Action Litigation on behalf of all of us, so all the complaints need to be filed eventually to get your share of a settlement should one be awarded.
    Do it today! And spread the word to all people you know to steer clear of MLB.COM.

  27. P.R. Adams says:

    In an ammendment to my post above, I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as the Federal Trade Commission.
    BOTH of these agencies have EASY, online complaint forms to fill out.
    I am contemplating Class-Action Litigation on behalf of all of us, so all the complaints need to be filed eventually to get your share of a settlement should one be awarded.
    Do it today! And spread the word to all people you know to steer clear of MLB.COM.

  28. P.R. Adams says:

    MLB Advanced Media, L.P.
    75 Ninth Avenue
    5th Floor
    New York
    New York
    Phone Number: (212)485-3182

  29. I have just gone through the same process as the above complaints. I had an all-access subscription (99.95) in 2005 and I wanted to cancel it for 2006. I cancelled my MLB.TV subscription in February over the phone and via e-mail in March.
    However, I was still billed in April when the season began. I was able to speak to someone after waiting 52 minutes on hold and they said they had computer problems and they would call me right back. I was then called back in 20 minutes and was quickly frustrated with the operator and asked for a supervisor. I was then transfered to “Paul” who is the “head of the division.” He would not give me his last name, phone number, or e-mail address and he informed he didn’t have a supervisor as he was the head of the division. When I asked for an address to file a formal complaint he said to e-mail I asked if he was “above” that process and he laughed and informed me that the customer support department was below him so the complaint would go to him (and of course it would be about him) if they felt the complaint was valid.
    So i’m waiting for the credit to show up on my card. Any success to receive credit back from this company? or should I just start the process of a chargeback from my bank?

  30. Mike, I would start the chargeback process immediately. I’ve heard many people who say they never get their refund. It’s just not worth waiting for hours on end to talk to someone over and over about a charge like this. Your CC company will refund you those charges pretty quickly.

  31. Noooooooooo

    USA TODAY reports Major League Baseball’s online unit, MLB Advanced Media, is taking its biggest step into non-sports entertainment by joining with music marketing and licensing power Signatures Network in a 50-50 venture. Their still-unnamed partnersh…

  32. Wow! I wish I would have found these comments before signing up with these morons. After realizing you are blacked out ANYTIME your home teams games are telecast on TV, I immediately wanted to cancel. What I went through proved to be the worst case of customer service I have ever experienced. I finally got it handled but that was after 3 calls where I was on hold over an hour and a half waiting for someone to pick up and another hour and 15 minutes when someone did finally pick up.
    HERE IS HOW YOU CANCEL: Call the 866-800-1275 number. No choice to holding forever. Just find something to do at your computer for a couple of hours and wait for someone to pick up which they will eventually do. They open at 6am Pacific so call as early as possible. Once you get someone on the phone tell them you want to cancel and go through the procedure. Once they are done they will tell you a cancellation notice will be emailed to you in 24-48 hours. This is BS. I asked my rep – Eric C badge #3560 (nice guy by the way – just overworked because of understaffing) to send an email just saying we talked so I have something in writing. To my surprise he said he can actually do the cancellation immediately but are told to say 24-48 hours? I don’t know why they try to say 24-48 hours but don’t let them off the hook. Stay on the phone with them until you get your cancellation confirmed via email. Once you have the email ask for a name and employee or badge number. Make a note of that as well. This should work. Obviously keep an eye on your credit card statement but you will have evidence if needed.
    My next step is going online to the FTC and the BBB (see above posts) to make complaints. EVERYONE should take the time to do this. These idiots should be shut down – DO NOT OPEN A SUBSCRIPTION WITH MLB.TV UNDER ANY CIRCUSTANCES!!!!
    Good luck,

  33. Here’s the complaint I just lodged with the FTC and the BBB.
    “I ordered a service called MLB.TV in the Spring of 2005. MLB.TV allows you to watch MLB games live over the web as they are being played. For roughly six months the quality of service was terrible. 90% of the time there were problems with video and sound that made the game unwatchable. In November I called to cancel the service and was told that it was done. However on 4/5/2006 I was billed 79.95 for the service again without my permission. I would like my account canceled and the 79.95 charged to me on 4/5/2006 refunded. I have tried for four days, with over three hours of wait time between them to reach a customer service representative at 866-800-1275 and have only been met with music in a waiting room. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company for which they had to cancel my account to process it. There are numerous complaints at about these same tactics. It is absolutely impossible to cancel this service through MLB.TV … please help!”

  34. Unfortunately Mr. Gallagher is not the CEO/Owner of I did a search online and found Bob Bowman is the CEO. I’m guessing that by using the same format of the email address his email is

  35. why don’t you guys just go get some bats and balls and hit them around the park.

  36. Nancy: Why don’t you pay every person on this list $79.95?

  37. Nancy: Why don’t you pay every person on this list $79.95?

  38. They just took 79.95 without my consent, i.e., stole it. Since I am not in NY, is this a federal crime? Is the FBI or the FTC the appropriate body?

  39. They just took 79.95 without my consent, i.e., stole it. Since I am not in NY, is this a federal crime? Is the FBI or the FTC the appropriate body?

  40. I haven’t worked in 23 years. Where do you expect me to get the money?

  41. On 3/31/06 I received an autorenewal email ($79.95!!!) with a click to decline hyperlink. I immediate declined, as their “All Live” is crap. On 4/10 I noticed my CC had been charged by MLB in the amount of $79.95. I sent an email. Nothing. I called yesterday and remained on hold for over an hour. Had to leave for a meeting. Got back, tried again. Gave up. Filed a complaint at:
    It’s easy, just takes a moment, why don’t you all do the same. One thing the NY State Atty’s office does is look for multiple complaints against the same company.
    Class action is a good idea but would be like herding cats to get it together.
    Good luck.

  42. Yup. I’m on hold right now. I’ve waited 30 minutes each day for the last week and then just ended up giving up. I ordered for the year and they charged me 79.95. but then they charged me the montly fee of 14.95 too. it’s a new record now…45 min.

  43. Well if it’s any small consolation to everyone who’s been screwed, your posts here just stopped me from signing up to MLB.TV. Was literally just about to do it, when I thought, ‘Hey I better just do a quick Google search for feedback on the service first.’ From the sounds of it, I’m glad I did. Such a shame as I love baseball and was looking forward to signing up. But not now. MLB just lost my US$100 for TV/radio.

  44. I guess I’m one of the lucky few that was “only” soaked for $14.95. After notifying me that they couldn’t renew my subscription, MLB Advanced Media billed my credit card twice and still has not activated my account. And I have the same tales of woe: numerous unanswered emails, hours waiting on hold for a customer service rep, etc. I’ve been trying to fix this for almost two weeks. The only live body I’ve reached is Jim Gallagher’s secretary, and so far that’s got me nowhere.
    The sad thing is that I’ve been subscribing to Gameday Audio for the past few seasons and it’s been a great way to follow my team while I’m at the office. It’s too bad that MLB licenses this valuable service to a bunch of imbeciles.

  45. Dirty Water says:

    Same problems w/MLB game day audio — double charges and auto renewal (a combined 80 minutes on hold). I strongly suggest writing to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General’s Office of NY — that guy is a pitbull and will go after MLB. You should always have an opt-out option!

  46. This is pretty maddening when not depressing. I am retired, a big Red Sox fan and subscribed last season to MLB. It worked very well. No complaints at all. I was just away for over a month and when I returned decided to resubscribe. I used a DIFFERENT credit card than I used last season. You guessed it…I now have two charges on two different cards.
    Plus, I can’t get any of the games…..I keep getting this message on my screen….”Cannot open the file; verify that the path and filename are correct and try again”
    What the heck is this???? I keep trying plus have used three different browsers….IE, Safari and Foxfire… luck.
    I am currently on the line listening to music as I am on hold….see above messages.
    I live in NYState and am about to contact Spitzer’s office…the Att. General. I’m currently out $160 and have nothing to show for it. We all need to get on this in every way possible. Obviously they don’t answer their phones and when they do, by the looks of it above, the runaround is prevalent.

  47. I just turned them in to my credit card company for fradulent transactions.
    Seems my credit card was renewed recently and I haven’t given out the three digit verification number to anybody yet.
    So how were they able to verify my “order” without the “CVV”?
    Elfin magic?

  48. MLB.TV Hater says:

    This is unbelievable. I was a great fan of the service. Now I hate it and the company that runs it.
    Edward Weber is the new CEO of MLB Advanced Media, the company that runs MLB.TV.
    Call him at (212)485-3444 extension 3451 and tell him you want your $80 back. This is a damn shame. I reported them to the BBB. Might also do one with the FTC.

  49. I am having the exact same issues. They are now billing 2 of my credit cards and I can not get threw to anyone at that sleaze factory. I think a class action suit might be needed.

  50. I was charged on my debit card for the purchase of 2006 for $79.95 without my consent. In 2005 I was a season subscriber to and I was aware that I was on a auto renewal plan. Knowing they would automatically charge my card for the 2006 season unless I contacted them, I called them in the first week of March (2-3 weeks before the season starts) to let them know I didn’t want the services for this season. They told me everything was taken care of but yet I was still charged on April 4 for $79.95. I have been on hold with them for hours (many, many calls and lots of on-hold waiting). On April 7th I was told my card would refunded within 7-10 days. I still have not seen a credit on my card and when I call to speak with them, they tell me they can not communicate with their finance department and I can only wait. I called the Gallagher guy and got his secretary too. I have reported them to my credit card company, FTC and working on the BB complaint.

  51. To everyone it may concern;
    I am sure you are inundated with email regarding your less than acceptable MLBtv service. Obviously this is a critical issue if you are causing great frustration with your product. Baseball fans are “PAYING” for a service, because you offer it. If I were to go to Best Buy and pay for a good or service, and it was broken, they would do what ever it took to make it right. I have read fellow fans say they would not give MLB their money, so you are losing customers with your poor customer service.
    My issue; I paid 100 dollars for your All Access service during the World Baseball Classic, yet I have little or no access. I use Apple OSX 10.4.6. I found out Real Player was gone, but accepted this as I read you were enhancing your product. I have not been able to watch via Windows Media Player your supported player AT ALL, even after 5 calls to your technical support, of which hold times surpassed 60 minutes each time. That is 5 hours of hold time, and in my industry I bill out at 85 an hour, shall I send you a bill?
    I managed to install an unsupported work around called Flip4Mac, which makes me even more frustrated. Your listed software requirements do not work, but I manage to install some third party software that allows me to see “limited” amounts of the streams. I watch from this flip4mac program, then it stalls out. Ok I re-login, but after I do this 2x in a 30 min time frame, it tells me I have logged in too many times!!! This is absurd, isn’t this my account, how could I have been logged in too many times. Then I can’t even retry to load the game and deal with sporadic service, I have to sit out the game! A COMPLETE LOSS and waste of 30 minutes of my time.
    And your condensed games / highlights never load. Should I be punished for using Apple computers?
    I see all the hype about this new Mosaic Player, oh right, like I will be able to watch 6 games, how, when I get a headache watching 1?
    To be honest, I have subscribed for 2 years, and it has always been difficult, but now it is impossible. I gave you 1 month (In to the regular season mind you) So with the time I have struggled with this, and the lost viewing time, I have surpassed the value of the service 10 times over.
    You offer your customers no viable support options, no detailed instructions, no alternatives. How can a large operation such as MLB offer such an inferior product. I know now you will discard my email, and say oh no one is having these issues, it is just this guy complaining. Maybe you should do some quick searches, for “MLB TV and frustration” on any popular search engine, because there is a large number of people having the exact issue, and they want to tell you, they just do not have the ability, since your phones and email go unanswered.
    ESPN doesn’t have these issues (with a free service mind you) Get with the times, or start refunding money. I am going to give you 1 more month to sort this out, otherwise I am going to reverse the charges and encourage others to as well. Please get in touch with me.
    Most Sincerely,
    Andrew @ ksu dot edu

  52. i’ve had the same experience as everyone else. paid my $79.95 and have not been able to watch a single game in the past three weeks. have been on hold waiting for “the next available agent” six times for up to an hour and never talked with anyone. sent eight emails and have never had a response. this is frustrating

  53. After reading these comments MLB TV has lost another potential customer. Thanks to everyone for saving me from what sounds like hell.

  54. Victim says:

    I too got scammed by them for $99.50 package. Tried to cancel the same day as subscribing as per their 10-day cancellation policy. I was on hold for 41 minutes before I could feel the radiation from my cell phone effecting me. I filed a complaint at the BBB and thru my credit card company. I kept the phone records and emails sent and can’t wait to get my money and time back thru a class action suit.
    Great way to not allow someone to cancel is not to answer the phone during their normal business hours.
    Please someone in the legal realm start a class action suit against these guys.

  55. I have been sitting on the phone for an hour now and found this blog while waiting. There are a lot of us who have had a bad experience with
    Let’s all write a snail-mail letter and let them know how we feel. I am going to print out this blog and send it in.
    A class action suit might get their attention.

  56. shawndgoldman says:

    Its getting worse. I cannot connect to the Cubs-Marlins game i’d like to watch today, so i tried calling them to either fix the problem (or cancel if its not fixable long term). After holding for ~10 minutes, i get one of two messages, both of which lead to me being disconnected.
    If i can’t reach their customer service line, how can they give me, the customer, service?

  57. Just thought you might want an update from my 4/14 post. I filed complaints with the BBB, the NY State AG’s office and the FTC. I checked my account today and saw a credit from MLB in the amount of $79.95. I didn’t hear from anyone, least of all of course MLB.TV, but they processed a refund.
    Good luck, all.

  58. I’m having the problem of the service not working. Called and got a rep after 45 minutes. Was told that I was being black out for some reason. I asked to be compensated money wise and was told I would receive an email in 1 to 2 days for a supervisor. I asked to speak with a supervisor and he wasn’t there! The rep wouldn’t even give me his first name!!! So there is no way to reference the call! I filed a complaint with – you should all do the same!

  59. Count me as yet another disgruntled Mac-using Gameday Audio subscriber. The RealAudio option worked fairly well in 2005, but this year it’s Windows-only. (The Windows Media plug-in for Mac OS X is buggy and nearly unusable.) I’ve written to the e-mail address to no avail, and I don’t want to call the phone number and spend my entire life on hold. Maybe I’ll try snail mail. In the meantime, I used the FTC complaint form that someone here mentioned; here’s what I wrote:
    MLB Advanced Media sells subscriptions to watch or listen to Major League Baseball games over the internet. I signed up in the spring of 2005 for a one-year radio subscription at $14.95. Everything was fine last year. This year, I got a notice from them that they were automatically renewing my subscription for another $14.95… but it seems they changed their system requirements since last year, and I am no longer able to use their service with my computer. I wrote to them several times to request a cancellation and refund and have received NO response.
    Via internet discussion forums, I have heard that this is a common occurrence with MLB Advanced Media, and many people (those who purchased the more expensive TV subscription) are getting soaked for $80. If they don’t let people cancel these “auto-renewing” subscriptions, they are no better than con artists and should be stopped!

  60. Well, I’m a little bit red-faced. I just checked my on-line bank statement, and guess what? They DID refund my $14.95. The transaction is dated 15 days after I first wrote to them, and 5 days after I wrote a second time.
    I don’t feel bad about writing to the FTC, though; not responding to their customer service e-mail address is still inexcusable! (If they went to the trouble of processing my refund, how hard would it have been to say “OK, you’re canceled”?)

  61. I too have experienced a number of issues with this service. For example: stopped feeds, buffering and buffering and buffering, no sound, and no video. Something else that upset me was the inability to watch an On-Demand game without some how finding out who won. This was very annoying. I found this thread and decided I would try to cancel. I was on hold for about 25 minutes, but finally got a hold of Junior. He was fine and said he would do his best to give me a pro-rated refund (even though I’m well past the 10 days). He also suggested that I call them back in November to make sure I won’t be automatically resigned up. I’ve marked my calendar.
    Good Luck.

  62. In 2005, I subscribed to’s audio package. It worked okay, but was not great, and decided that I would not want to renew for the 2006 season.
    I had assumed that subscriptions were done on a season by season basis and didn’t bother to do anything because I didn’t think I needed to. There certainly wasn’t an auto-renewal checkbox on the website.
    To my surprise, I just got my most recent DiscoverCard bill with an entry for 14.95 from Surely, I thought it was a mistake since I did not consent to a renewal, so I call the 866-800-1275 customer service number.
    After waiting over 35 minutes on hold, I spoke to a customer service representative who told me that I had been e-mailed a notice a few months ago, however I may not have received it if I had a spam filter turned on. Well, guess what? – I do have a spam filter so I never did receive (or see) an auto-renewal e-mail from for 2006.!!!
    Okay, fine. I then went on to say that I didn’t want to subscribe and that I wanted a refund. The rep told me that they could not do that since they were past the season starting deadline for issuing refunds.
    I then said, okay, can you please just cancel my subscription so that I won’t get charged again in the future. I was told – unbelievably – that she could take the request, but that it probably wouldn’t get done because they can’t do on the spot requests, and that my request would more than likely get lost with all the thousands of other cancellation requests. Listen, I am not kidding. This is what the representative told me.
    She then went on to say that the best thing for me to do is to wait until next winter (we’re talking 2007), turn my spam blocker off, look for the renewal notice e-mail and cancel at that time (I mean, geez –should I stand on my head too?). At that point, I seriously asked if she was kidding, and she told me no.

  63. I subscribed in 2005 for the season and was not exactly thrilled with the service. Especially later in the season when Fox was showing games on Sundays and every single game was blacked out.
    So I decided I was not going to re-subscribe in 2006. In late March I got the “you will be billed” email, and replied to it saying that I did NOT want to re-subscribe.
    Of course, they still billed me the $79.95. After getting a busy signal for their customer service number for two days straight, I got through and sat for over an hour on hold. The person told me I would have a credit in five days. Ten days later I called back and another person told me that there were delays but I would get a credit within a few days. That was also about ten days ago. So, I’m starting the charge-back process.
    I do know is that I will NEVER, EVER, buy anything from MLB again. They’ve sat on my $80 for over a month for a charge I didn’t want in the first place! The thing too is that I may have decided to subscribe–but their auto-billing (and consequent delays in refunding) have REALLY soured me on

  64. dirty water says:

    This is what I sent (more or less):
    1) MLB radio auto-renewed my 2005 subscription for $14.95 on my credit card with out my consent in 2006
    2) The original credit card used had expired, but it was charged anyway
    3) I did not know my credit card was charged, so I opened another account with my debit card
    3) my debit card was then charged twice
    4) I have called customer service four times (4/11, 4/13, 4/25 and 5/1) and waited on hold at total of 175 minutes; also emailed MLB (no response)
    5) the customer service rep told me it would be 7 to 10 business days for a refund on my cards (I called back to inform them that I still hadn’t gotten a refund and was verbally abused by the CSR on 4/25)
    6) it is now day 14 (business days) and I have not been refunded my money; call on 5/1 resulted in having my file “escalated” and I should see a refund in another 7-10 business days (WTF?)
    7) I have filed complaints with the BBB, FTC and NY Atty General’s office
    8) I want my money back and I want MLB to stop auto-renewing their customers — we must have an opt-out option.

  65. David E Garcia Trias says:

    In2005 i was never able to see the transmisions because the video portion was non functional.
    Called yesterday to cancel subscrition because my credit card on april 5 was charged 79.95 withot my knoeledge. i was told that i would no longer be charged automatilly next year but that the 2006 charge would not be cancelled.
    This is also after i told the individual that I was forced to obtain a contract with my local Tv companyto see the games.I have paid $79.95 and One link $149.99 to watch the 2006 season.
    The irony of all this is that as ofyesterday my TV connection I”snt working so that I am unable to see the ballgames on Tv.
    I dænt understand how If one cancells in april they can collect charges for the entire year.
    It all sounds like an illegal adquisition of money by MLB.COM.
    David E Garcia Trias
    San Juan Puerto rico

  66. MadAsHell says:

    Some legal entity, either public or government, has to take notice of their “automatic subscription” policy where:
    1) They give you no choice but to accept it when placing an order.
    2) They do not provide an accessible way to cancel it (i.e. they don’t allow emails and don’t answer their phones). So a year later it shows up on your credit card.
    I don’t know of any other business who uses this underhanded sales policy.
    Class-Action is likely the only way to get the authorities to notice and to get them to stop.

  67. Do Something About It says:

    For everyone who got ripped off by MLB.TV or weren’t able to cancel, do something about it. Call the Federal Trade Commission at 877-FTC-HELP or go to and file an online complaint. Maybe if enough of us complain, the government will do something about it.

  68. What gives with blackouts? If my local teams (Giants & A’s) are playing, all games are blacked-out. Okay, I can see the point of not allowing any competition so the local teams market is not infringed on, but if this is MLB’s rule, how is it that my cable service carries WGN & TBS (without blackouts), making the Cubs, White Sox and Braves all infringe on the local market? The cubs were recently in town playing the Giants and I had the option of watching either the Giants broadcast or the Cubs broadcast of the same game! If games are to be blacked-out, why don’t the rules apply to all teams?

  69. George T. says:

    I just emailed a complaint to the Attny General of New York. Maybe they’ll look into the situation and investigate. All we can do is hope, and it’s good to see that the Internet is becoming a tool to protect consumers.

  70. Blood Pressure Normal Again says:

    “Edward Weber is the new CEO of MLB Advanced Media, the company that runs MLB.TV.
    Call him at (212)485-3444 extension 3451 and tell him you want your $80 back. ”
    I’ll spare details other than I experienced the same frustration many of you did. Thankfully, I found this board. Specifically the post above.
    I called the dude. Complained — told him how unfair a corporation associated with my favorite sport was scamming it’s fans — mentioned the FTC a couple of times — wished him luck on his class action lawsuit.
    Three hours later I got a call from another guy saying he’d reimburse my credit card.
    I’m not calling it a success story yet because I trust these guys as much as any other big corporation that makes it’s money off of shafting the little guy. They’ll probably charge me $600 on my phone bill for a “consulting fee”.
    Anyway, for now I am a happy non-customer of mlbtv.

  71. Well, it took two months but I finally had a chargeback settled in my favor. Yes, MLB, you kept my $80 for eight weeks after I told you twice not to take it, and after you told me four times that it would be refunded — and it wasn’t. I finally had to sic my bank on your unscrupulous a$$es.
    I hope it’s been worth the number of fans you’ve alienated. The people, like me, who will never do any business of any kind with anything that even mentions MLB. And when the class action suit forms, I’ll be there, looking for interest on the money you stole for two months.

  72. Same story as others, won’t bother with the details but it’s been going on for 2 years and I’ve spent some 30 hours on the phone with those jerks. Today I filled out the forms for AG’s office and BBB. Hope something helps stop those crooks.

  73. a flawed …buffering… product

    I am a New Yorker in exile right now. Living in Washington, DC, where the hometown Nationals are embroiled in a bitter dispute with Comcast, the District’s largest cable provider, I cannot watch much baseball on TV. I certainly don’t…

  74. I had only ordered for the playoffs last year and that was it. I immediately requested cancellation and I thought that was the end. i found out that once you sign up for, you will be charged on your credit card for the rest of your life. There is no stop loss, even if the individual becomes deceased. I have never encountered such a dishonest business, ever!!
    The customer service rep(Javier)who said that many customers have had internet connection problems where the charges were duplicated 5 or 6 times. He said that will not correct those obvious errors and that it is up to the customer to fight them. As a big rotisserie league fan and baseball fan, this treatment has totally turned me off to not only which I would advise people avoid or get an attorney to assist them with signing up with such a dishonest service but major league baseball as well. I found out I had continued to be charged despite cancelling and of course, who watches major league baseball during the offseason when there are no games yet continues to charge whether you cancel or not.
    This is an obvious grounds for a class action lawsuit and I am in!! Obviously there is no govt. oversight of’s business practices. I will contact the FTC and the attorney general.
    Why would the commissioner of baseball and the major leagues risk alienating their fan base with these kind of overcharge abuses?

  75. The service sucks this year. Constantly freezes and loses the signal causing me to login again until finally I get a dumbass message that says my account has been logged in too many times and please wait awhile. Like as if it is my idea to keep logging in. They don’t care that the service sucks since they get your money at the beginning of the season and have no incentive to make it work better.

  76. Exactly the same problems as everyone else having–called in October to make sure I wouldn’t be charged the next year (TV service was awful; just wanted radio). Was assured I was cancelled. Received email again in March saying I would be resubscribed. Wrote email asking again to unsubscribe. Got another email later in March. Wrote again at the start of April. Still was charged. Have not been able to talk to a human at MLB.
    Have filed complaints with the FTC and the BBB.
    Good luck to others in getting your money back.

  77. Dirty Water says:

    As a follow up: MLB finally refunded the double-charges and illegally charged card (expired, how’d they do that?) after 30 days! 30 days!
    The BBB has emailed me back about my complaint (MLB’s resolution: they canceled my account…not the one associated w/the MLB Radio) and the FTC has just called me about it as well. Keep complaining! The BBB site only has 66 complaints for this year 😉
    good luck!

  78. Dominic Rivers says:

    Thank you all for posting your experiences. I’ve had a similar experience, fortunately only for the $14.95 service.
    I’m not a lawyer, but I am a law student, but please allow me to clarify some posts above about “chargebacks.”
    My understanding of the truth in lending act (again, I’m not a lawyer) is that a credit card provider MUST chargeback an unauthorized charge, once you’ve made a good faith effort to resolve the problem with the merchant.
    For those of you, like me, who spent 20+ minutes on hold, and were told we were out of luck (that’s basically what they told me), I’d say we made a good faith effort to resolve with the merchant.
    To initiate the chargeback, PAY YOUR ENTIRE CREDIT CARD BILL, EXCEPT FOR THE AMOUNT OF THE CHARGE YOU WANT CHARGED BACK. ONCE YOU’VE PAID YOUR ENTIRE BILL, THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY HAS NO LEGAL OBLIGATION (unless you have a unique stte law) TO CHARGEBACK. Circle that charge, and inform your credit card company both in writing and by phone that 1. the charge is unauthorized and 2. in accordance with the truth in lending act, you want it charged back to the merchant.
    At this point, your credit card company will probably call MLB and ask them to provide proof that it’s authorized (That’ll be tough since none of us signed anything, and at best they have an illegal perpetually renewing clickwrap agreement as back up). When MLB produces nothing, your credit card company will charge back the funds.
    Good luck everyone.

  79. Just an update. I contacted both the Better Business Bureau and the FTC as smartly recommended on this thread. There is no way to cancel
    I have called their phone number several times and been told that I would not be charged again only to find continued charges of $14.95/mo.
    This is after several attempts to even get thru to them.
    I received a phoned response from the BBB who is well aware of this companies business practices and will go to bat for you. The FTC responded as well and works with Federal and State law enforcement agencies to shut down these type of operations. I was told by a rep at that I shouldn’t be doing business online. That he would never do business of any kind on the internet. I see, its my fault and every other customer of that trusted Major League Baseball. Can you imagine, Ebay, your Bank, government agencies saying such a thing? Every subscriber to is forced to sign up indefinetly and they do not allow any other contact except a phone number that is generally perpetually busy or if you get thru to someone, they refuse to give you any kind of confirmation or reference number but assure you that the service has been cancelled and you will not be billed. It is important that everyone contact the BBB and FTC because the more complaints they get, the more likely they will shut them down. I have been trying to stop from charging my credit card since September, 2005. It is impossible!! Contact the Better Business Bureau and the FTC or Attorney General today!!
    They will respond. I have never encountered such a dishonest business ever!!!

  80. I am currently subscribed to MLB.TV, and am fairly happy with the service. However, I have also experienced phantom “excessive log-ins”, non-loading pages, and the annoyance of archived games cutting off every 12 minutes or so.
    It’s amazing to hear that a business so closely aligned to MLB could be so openly fraudlent. If I do decide to cancel (which looks to be impossible, due to MLB.TV’s malicious and illegal practices), I will certainly take all that people have written here into account. I absolutely agree that MLB.TV’s behavior is illegal, fraudulent, and worthy of a class action lawsuit. These clowns will end up paying through the *ss for their actions, so why bother scamming people in the first place?

  81. P Jewett says:

    Another Mac user that also can’t view MLB.TV content and becoming desperate.
    always get error message: Cannot open the file. Verify that the path and filename are correct and try again.
    Tried Safari, Firefox and Camino and with both WMP and RealPlayer.
    Anyone having any luck?

  82. Situation: I subscribe last month of last year, $14.95. Like everyone else I was not given a choice to resubscribe for yearly or monthly this year. My CC started getting charged for $14.95 in March, I emailed them told them to stop, I want it but if you do the math of course you pay more monthly. I received an answer in April saying my email went to an email box they never check but advised me to call. I call, guy was nice as could be but I went to supervisor. I had told them in march to stop charging, replied in April. Went into hospital, got out responded via phone. Talked to super, sent previous email I sent and their reply they are refunding March, April, May and June and I signed up for yearly like I wanted didn’t see it here…but supervisor email (works evenings) is all I can say is she isn’t a sweetheart but at least responded and helped me. My credits on my card have not shown yet so keep my name out of it too. :>>>> Just wanted to give some access to others being ripped….

  83. Odering is the worst thing I ever done. I paid 80 dollars for the whole season and i have yet been able to watch one full game. Half the time it dont work, and if you plan to cancel your subcrition your in for a ride. When i use mlb tv my internet goes away and then i cant even watch it. I emailed mlb customer support and told them to cancel my order and they responded by saying its been cancelled. Few days later i wanted to check and I was able to sign in and it wasnt even cancelled. Making long story short do not order

  84. AJP in KC says:

    I, too, was screwed over by MLB.TV. Here’s the recount of what happened:
    I subscribed to MLB.TV’s All Access package last year specifically to watch the Cardinals. I watched just about every game, at least the condensed versions. It was _ok_, but the quality is horrible, even at 400kbps stream. It’s nothing to do with codecs, it just looks horrible full-screen. Oh well.
    So, this season I received an email on April 2 stating that I would be automatically re-subscribed unless I called to cancel. I called mere minutes after receiving this email. The lady on the phone asked if I wanted to cancel immediately or have it take effect in two weeks. I told her I wanted to cancel immediately so as to avoid any charges.
    Well, on April 6th my checking account was charged $99.95 by MLB.COM http://WWW.MLB.COM NY. I did not notice this until April 10th when I next checked my online banking account. I immediately called and asked why I had been charged. The lady said that the request to cancel had been submitted (they did show records of my account cancellation request on 04/02/06) but had not been completed. She then said she would cancel my subscription and input a request for my checking account to be credited the $99.95.
    Mistakes happen, and I thought everything would be fine and dandy. It wasn’t. I was looking up highlights for the game on April 16th when I found that my MLB.TV login still worked. So, I called a third time. This time the lady said she was very sorry and cancelled my account right there. In fact, while I was on the phone with her, I checked after she said it was complete and, in fact, my account login no longer worked.
    Now, “When should I expect a credit?” I asked. She said it shouldn’t take more than a couple of days but that their credit dept. (in NYC, she claimed, at their Corp. HQ) was swamped with similar requests. She went on to note that they have been having large amounts of cancellations due to buggy “features” introduced into the viewing Flash applets used to display games & streams. Oh well, it happens. At least I got out while I still could, I thought.
    Well, fast forward a month and a half. I still haven’t received credit for the $99.95. My account was closed as of 04/16/06, and MLB.COM’s support has record of all of my calls since 04/02/06. I have called their Corp. HQ and spoken with (or left messages for) their web development/relations manager, their CFO, and their customer service manager. Not a single one has given me any phone or email follow-up, and none have acknowledged any problems with other customers. All told, I’ve spent ten-and-two-thirds hours trying to get money back that should have never been taken from me.
    It finally came down to me having to call my bank and dispute the charge. I have received a temporary credit from my bank while they investigate the dispute. How ridiculous is that for such a large company that is affiliated with Major League Baseball? I’m seriously disappointed that it has taken me this much time and effort. Also, I believe that MLB.COM owes me 4.75% interest on the money that they held for almost two whole months. I also require restitution for undue stress and the value of my time input to fix a problem they created. I value my time at $125/hr. As far as I’m concerned, they *should* owe me about $1250 plus interest on my $99.95.
    Scam artists.

  85. can anyone tell me a way to get mlb tv free? like lend me their account and password

  86. Why sure just send me a check for $90.00 and I will send you my login and password. When did the turnip truck drive by???

  87. mgrav45 says:

    After a month of unsuccessful attempts to cancel through their phone line, I cancelled my debit card so these jerk-offs would quit charging me after I moved to a house with a 56k modem. Will this work?

  88. Sue the crap out them for false advertisement.
    “For your convenience, your subscription automatically renews, without interruption, before the start of each subsequent MLB season at the rate then in effect unless you cancel your subscription by sending an email requesting cancellation to or by calling Customer Service at (866) 800-1275. will honor any refund request for a monthly subscription made within 5 days of the purchase or within 5 days of the last billing.”
    Thats what I received via email after I subscribed. I especially like the part about cancelling via email. It says it right there. If they fail to respond or cancel, Im pretty sure you’d have a case.

  89. A followup to my June 6 post: the BBB of NY came through for me, getting to refund the $99.95 that I was charged after contacting them three times not to renew. I suggest others contact them since they seem to know the right things to say to MLB. An investigation by AMEX was taking place also but was proceeding slowly.
    I’d love to pay $14.95 to listen to the games on Internet radio. It seems a fair price, but I won’t do it until MLB changes their billing providers.

  90. I just called and cancelled and he would not give a confirmation number. I forced him to email me while we were on the phone. At least now I can send that to my CC company if I need to do a chargeback.

  91. I cannot believe how shady Major League Baseball is with this whole auto renew subscription. To add to my already low oppinion of Bud Selig and Co., I was charged each and every month of the offseason for my 2005 season package (hmm let’s see, the baseball season is April through October… or I should say September considering I am a Cubs fan.) So when I finally get on the phone with these guys and tell them that I did not appreciate the product they were forcing me to pay for and would like a refund, I got no confirmation or call back as requested. When I called back and asked about it, they said they had refunded only one month and that there was no way I could get the other month’s refunded because I had passed the “grace period.”
    Grace period??? Well MLB has just passed from a business that I put up with despite everything to a business that I’ll never give a another dime to. And if I hear about a class action lawsuit on this, I’m definately in.
    P.S. does anyone find it amusing that MLB touts its new rules on perfomance-enhancing drugs yet takes millions in sponsorship dollars from Viagra?

  92. sox fan says:

    thanks folks.
    i was going to order, but your experiences have dissuaded me.
    So, MLBTV, DO NOT take me out to the ballgame.

  93. It’s really simple people, call your credit card company and say you lost your card and that you need a new one with a different number. Get enough cash to last you three or four days. The credit card company will send you out a new card within a couple of days. It’s not that complicated.

  94. chris in WI. says:

    Still going on. More and more frequently gameday audio times out when I first log in using IE6.0 and a 3MB broadband line — there is absolutely no reason for it to do so, except that their own servers are congested.
    Well guess what — I try to log in again, since their audio player popup times out, and it tells me I have tried logging in too many times.
    Back to waiting on hold for 40-90 minutes to beg them to provide me with the service I paid for.
    Also, I found out in May that they did not let MLBTV subscribers know that they changed the subscription policy: Whereas in previous years you could watch your home team’s TV broadcast — which is the service advertised — this year, you will now only be able to watch the game stream that is less congested.
    NYYankees and Red Sox fans of course are screwed — gee, when the Sox are playing Tampa Bay, which stream will be more congested? The Boston one, of course — so anyone who logs in after the first minute or so is forced to watch the Tampa Bay broadcast. Total B.S., and even more deceptive advertising.
    Time to take them to the mat.

  95. disgruntled says:

    I was also auto-renewed for the 2006 GameDay audio (after never having been autorenewed any other season I used it), didn’t get the email notice (spam filter), and didn’t find the charge until I got a credit card statement at which point customer service says no to a credit. I escalate my case to supervisors on several phone calls over several months and am told twice that I will be credited only to never have it happen and finally to be told it never will.
    Well, now I’m a man on a mission. I write the NY Attorney General and the FTC, leave messages at MLB Advanced Media, and write Jim Gallagher ( and Bob Bowman ( directly. I can hardly believe it when Jim Gallagher writes me back within the hour and then calls me and personally promises to make the fix.
    The more I think about it, the problem is not the autorenewal. Mr. Gallagher positions it as signing up for cable TV or whatever. I can accept that to an extent and also that I missed the agreement. What I cannot accept is the customer service that refuses to refund for a product never used and mistakenly purchased. No ordinary business would deny a customer a refund for, say, a shirt never worn (with tags on).
    Now I’m going to hope that it’s all taken care of, but I’ll have to watch my credit card statement for proof that I got my lousy $15 back. Kudos to Jim Gallagher for stepping up to the plate and calling me.
    Do be sure, however, to call customer service and cancel your service. I asked on my very first call that this happen, and it never was. Here on my fifth or sixth call, I had to get a supervisor (Luis) on the phone and wait for an email saying it was done (no cancellation number or anything, just a couple sentences saying it was). Even though I’d been calling and complaining about this for months, I was still signed up and would have been charged again next year! Un-*&$^!@#(*$-believable.

  96. MLB Sucks!!!
    I paid the money today just for watching Yankees’ game. I got NOTHING, NOTHING at all. I’ll definitely yield at them at customer service tomorrow. Stuipd son of a bitch!

  97. not a fan of pay TV baseball soon all of it will be says:

    MLB has a nice long hold button.
    The easiest method may be to cancel the
    card or the ability for them to access the card. I gave up after 45 minutes on hold.

  98. Wow, and I thought it was only me. I took the whole hook for the second year ($99) figuring that although the first year perfomance was poor they would improve with experiance, but I was wrong. I wouldn’t recommend canceling your credit card because to your bank it’s a pre-agreed obligation and they will re-open your account and charge you an overdrawn fee -plus the payment due just like if you had automatic payments made to your insurance or telephone co.
    Maybe contact the bank and have any further payments stopped. I will recommend everyone that has money coming to them and tried but failed to recoupe it, fill out and send the form to the FTC. Their link and the address of MLB Advanced Media, L.P. are kindly provided above. CEOs and owners can be changed. Take your pick. I’d guess Edward Weber. Thank you all for taking the time.

  99. I am subscribers the

  100. Crack Wilding says:

    I can’t figure out why it is that MLB has so many problems with something NPR can nail in their sleep. I understand that streaming 30 broadcast sources (audio) is more difficult than streaming one, but it’s not 30 times as difficult — it’s the same problem 30 times, and MLB could afford decent developers if they gave a damn about their users. But instead of working out the kinks in Gameday audio, they spend their cash adding new crap to their hideous Flash interface. I often wonder if any of the guys working on have ever bothered to look at the site with anything short of a supercomputer — it’s slow as molasses and buggy as Tennessee in a cicada year. Pathetic.

  101. H B Houchins says:

    I got the same email with the auto-renew for $14.95 a season (I use the audio feed). I thought it presumptuous and arrogant, BUT I did want to listen again this year. For the first weeks of spring training and into the third week of the season I listened to the games with no trouble. Then I couldn’t get on – at login I was told I needed to set up an account? It seems a check through my debit card info revealed no money taken by MLB! I paid and began listening again. Try audio with a MAC for frustration. Over a month ago all MAC users were suddenly cut off from the audio feed. Messages were received saying content could not be found. Now we have to constantly trash Windows Media Player and re-install, then MAYBE we can connect. Forget about connecting on the weekend when volume is higher.
    And’s response to all this…
    There was one person who tried to find the answer and corresponded with me and other MAC users but haven’t heard from him in three weeks… Maybe he got “laid-off” for careing too much.
    I am considering emailing the head offices of all major league teams and complaining to them about this service. Maybe when they learn they are losing fans and “goodwill” things can change.
    I saw my first pro game in 1949 – NY Black Yankees vs. Homestead Grays – and became a Dodgers fan later that year when I watched Jackie & Duke & Pee Wee & Scunge play at Ebbetts Field. Even rooted for the Yanks (never the G’ints).
    But, maybe, enough crap is enough…

  102. I finally had my refund posted to my credit card account. Not bad. Only 5 months of waiting and 13 different phone calls.

  103. Jeff Mauerman says:

    Hey good news they found another sucker and it’s me. I got this stupid thing for my boy who loves the game and he can’t even use it and we are still donating to the cause, bastards.It will come around and they will get what’s coming. I can’t do nothing but pray at this point.

  104. Jeff Mauerman says:

    Now I am even having a hard time with comments. Just stop the maddness.

  105. Lorena Valladares says:

    Hello, Im Lorena Valladares From Mexico City.
    I’ve a charge in American Exprees from your e-mail page, so I want to cancel it.
    How can I do it.

  106. I subscribed to MLB for all of 2006; and with the exception of the blacked out games, had a fairly decent experience. Just not enough SF Giant games; but the Gigantes sucked bigtime last year, so no big deal. Mid-winter I dropped Direct-tv (through whom I made the subscription) and opted for Dish Network.
    Imagine my surprise this evening (April 4, 2007) when I called Dish Network and asked to subscribe to MLB and was told that 2-3 weeks earlier their contract with MLB was cancelled. (“We are negotiating with them at this time. We might have a new contract in place within just a few weeks.”) I was pretty frustrated. So, I went to Google, looking for MLB TV, but mistakenly got this website, instead. What began as idle reading soon turned into incredulity. The more I read of all of your frustrations with this outfit, the more steamed I got about how you have been treated. And the more grateful I grew that I had not been able to re-subscribe to MLB-tv. Screw them! I’ll spend the money subscribing to a satelite radio service that will bring me the games on my radio, instead.
    By the way, the only reason I was able to cancel my subscription without hassle is because I cancelled my subscription to the cable company who carried them. Not a practical solution for most of you, I admit.

  107. @rolfus
    Thanks for stopping by. Thankfully MLB seems to have rectified the cancellation issues following the 2005 season.
    As to your current dilemma with the Extra Innings package, MLB signed an exclusive deal with Direct TV in early March locking out Echostar (Dish Network) and In Demand (the consortium of cable companies).
    Late tonight (4/4/07), MLB reached a deal with In Demand to keep Extra Innings available to cable subscribers and it looks favorable that a similar outcome will happen with Echostar.

  108. ****Administrator Notice****
    We will be shutting down comments on this thread effective Monday, April 9th, 2007.

  109. richarddenovellis says:

    Appears to have automatic renewal which causes a charge on your credit card when you did not check the box for automatic renewal or respond to their request for renewal. Appears to be a fraudulent activity where they get a lot of money from charging credit cards without authorization. Should contact the Attoney General Office in the State where their corporate headquarters are located as the practice allows them to use the money while users try and get refund back. Hours on the phone trying to contact them. Recorded message which play forever indicating that they are helping customers. Recorded phone message service which says “I seem to have a problem” when you are have finished recording your complaint.

  110. Dave Wilson says:

    Not sure if this has been posted before …if it has I appologize.
    After I sent a complaint to the BBB I called Ed Weber’s office at 1-212-485-3444 ext 3451 CEO Advanced Media and talked to his secretary ….after giving her an earful on 2 different calls she eventually got tired of hearing from me and gave me the number to the person who she said could handle the matter.
    Paul Bowen 1-212-485-3753
    I called and left a message there to call me back….I will post an update when I recieve (or don’t recieve) an answer….

  111. Brad Miklovich says:

    I just became a subscriber of
    The service has been “pretty: decent a few problems. And of course my credit card was charged twice for the monthly charge. We’ll see how fun this is to get corrected

  112. John Estill says:

    Well, I was a fool and signed up for the season charge of $89.95 on 4/08/07. My debit card was immediately debited $89.95. It was also debited $89.95 on 4/16/07. So, now I have paid double for this service. I too, made the foolish mistake of emailing them (absolutely no response) and I have now spent 236 minutes total on hold waiting to see if there are actually any “humans” manning the support phones. I suggest others do as I am about to do and file a complaint with the FTC. Maybe if we get enough people to complain about the unfair business practices of then the Federal Trade Commision will take action.

  113. Android6571 says:

    mlb blacked me out of yanks v.s orioles august 28th, 2011. I live in midwest so blackout should not apply, No game is available to watch and it is not listed on watch/listen as being on a national venue, still I’m blacked out and I’m pissed. Screw you mlb I paid to watch games but I guess not enough. And you would think after watching games all season they would get the hint and stop blotting my screen with the upgrade message. THIS IS THE WORST PAY TV SERVICE ON THE WEB. MLB should have to make amends for this terrible service, not to mention all of the tracking cookies that get deposited into my computer while I’m watching. WHAT A G@#amm joke!!! You wont see another dime of my money…EVER!!!

  114. Rachel_mallon says:

    I live in Northern Ireland and love sport I just got interested in Baseball this season I must admit I love watching it.  I find it hard to understand even with ESPN’s great coverage.  Would it be possible for you to send e a copy of the rules and what the all the letters stand for.  I’m a 72  year old veteran ex Royal Navy.  I don’t mind paying for this. My address is 7, Craignish Court, Dundonald, Belfast BT16 2NX COUNTY DOWN, NORTHERN IRELAND.
                                                                  Thank you,
                                                                   Yours faithfully,
                                                                    William J. Mallon

  115. I am a premium subscriber yet every game is blacked out. Support claims that blackouts (all the time) apply to me.
    I purchased for the entire year, yet only after 15 days wanted to cancel. MLB claims that I’m past my 5 day grace period and refuses to refund me $114.00
    This entire site is a rip off!
    Support sucks and is extremely unsupportive.

    Filing complaint with the better business bureau!

  116. WOW! I want to unsubscribe next month and anticipated the scenario you describe.

  117. seriously annoyed! says:

    Talk about sketchy. Don’t do reoccurring charge plan!
    I have been subscribing for years and last year, I decided to just save the extra $5 and make it a reoccurring charge. I was charged by http://WWW.MLB.COM NY on feb 25th this year ($124.99). Suspiciously I am able to login to my existing account but cannot use any of the features. “You do not have access to this feature” oh really mlb?? I pay $125 and i cant watch a game? I think not. So i contacted customer service and looked in my account payment/profile details. Somehow all my info is gone. My payment info deleted (it was a reoccurring charge….and my info has been on file for years). And there is no account detail anywhere to be found. Customer service is no help by email. I would send them an email and they would immediately send a droid email back. Actually the very first email i sent wasn’t responded to for over 3 weeks so i had to send another one. The next day I received another email saying that i didn’t give them enough info. I gave them my name, account number, what showed up on my account, my email for their site that i am able to login with, etc. 4 emails back and fourth later they say they are unable to help me and that i need to call a number. Yeah, no. I’m not spending 2 hours on the phone with some dummy just for them to tell me i don’t have an account active. I’m going straight to the bank and disputing the charge. I don’t have an account anyway right mlb? I didn’t pay that $125, yet it shows up on my bank statement. you can suck a fat one MLB. No help whatsoever.
    Plus, I’m trying to figure out if they are going to keep charging me every year- because they said i don’t have a subscription but obviously that doesn’t matter to them they will still charge you! So how am i supposed to cancel a subscription that I “don’t have”

  118. Bob in Paducah says:

    I purchased a gift subscription and paid $109.99 (a full year) up front. My son could not use the subscription for technical reasons, so 7 days after I ordered I e-mailed to inquire about cancellation. The response said to call the customer service number. I called an spent at least 30 minutes on the phone, was put on hold repeatedly, and finally was told that the gift subscription would be cancelled and I would receive a refund within 2 to 10 business days.

    13 days later still no refund. I called and got the same runaround, sat on hold repeatedly, was treated to a rude customer service clerk who said the previous clerk had no authority to cancel my subscription or issue a refund. I demanded a supervisor. He came on to tell me that because I hadn’t cancelled within a so-called 5-day grace period, I was out of luck. (There is no mention of a grace period regarding cancellations on the Web site. The FAQs say a person can cancel at anytime for a refund.) But get this: the gift subscription was never used at all and they acknowledged that. Then they told me that the person I gave the gift to had to assure them that he wanted to cancel, so I verified the email address and phone number. But ultimately, he said, the cancellation and refund were “up to the NY office.”

    This is a total scam. The whole system is set up to make it a miserable experience to get a refund on a cancellation. But I will not give up. I will process this through my bank and through Via and get the payment refunded in full. It would be nice, however, if MLB would just handle this with dignity and honesty. I will report back later on how it ultiamtely is resolved.

  119. Ferarias says:

    I cant log in in
    Itouch ehre it says “log in” and nothin happens