Minneapolis Agency Heating Up

Minneapolis-based Olson — which employs about 100 people — has been on a tear lately. The shop has picked up three accounts in a 60-day stretch.
The latest win is Ohio-based Fifth Third Bank, the nation’s 13th largest bank and a $30 million dollar account. Olson also picked up creative chores on Allen-Edmonds shoes and Starkey Laboratories’ hearing aids.
“The energy at Olson is contagious,” Olson President Kevin DiLorenzo said.
[via Ad Age]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Olson” – put your efforts into hearing aids.

    John J Stollenwerk of Mequon WI, donated $13,000 to Scott Walker, Wisconsin temporary Governor and in listing Allen Edmonds Shoes as “Employer” placed Allen Edmonds shoes on a boycott list. Objectors to the inclusion cite the lack of Corporate donations, which was not the criteria so they stayed on the listing.

    Join the Boycott and shop elsewhere, encourage family, friends and associates to do the same.