Miller Lite Borrows From Miller High Life’s Manliness

With the launch of, Crispin Porter + Bogusky has built a nice venue for showcasing their new Miller Lite TV spots. They’ve also created a place where no metrosexual can feel at peace, as there are thousands of so-called Man Laws to adhere to and more coming in by the hour from consumers.
Here’s a sample of some Man Laws from the new site:

A man-to-man phone conversation may not exceed five minutes.
There shall not be fruit placed in one’s beer at any time.
There are no bad hair days. Only baseball cap days.

In other words, if you have product in your hair, lemon in your Hefeweisen and a Crackberry that forces you to step outside, you’re not a Miller Lite man.
[via Random Culture]

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  1. BeerDrinker says:

    Ah, and glad to not be. I challenge any Miller Lite drinking “real man” to not cry like a girl after a sip of a nice IPA.

  2. Speaking of IPA, I had a delicious one called Hopium, made with organic American malts at Foothills Brewery in Winston-Salem on Tuesday.